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A to Z of Thankful Me: Q

A to Z Challenge, Day 17: Q

Q is for Quilts that comfort and warm us

And envelope us in their soft Quietness.

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Thanks for comfort and warmth.

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  1. Quaint Quality; All Quilts are.... Quite the perfect letter; Quilt, Quilting, Quilt-fabrics, Quilting-Bees.... I love everything Quilt, but I guess you already know that....
    My next favorite word with a Q is Quiet. Love that just as much. Quilting in Quietness is my perfect part of the day.

  2. I love the quilt. Did you make it?

    1. Yes, it was a gift for my son and his bride when they were married almost 3 years ago. Time flies!

  3. I have discovered that a quilt is a gift that comes with tremendous love. When I was pregnant with the oldest, I took a quilting class and made a baby quilt by hand. I can't imagine anything but love pushing a woman forward in the daunting task of making a bed-sized quilt.

    1. You hand-sewed the baby quilt? That is impressive! I "cheat" and use a sewing machine. :-)

    2. No such thing as cheating when using the sewingmachine. It's just as difficult, if not more difficult. You made a wonderful quilt and I hope your son and daughter-in-law love it still as much. I know I do!

  4. Wow! You made that? I find quilting amazing. I just cant wrap my head around it! Its so impressive to me!

    1. Yes, I did. I'm definitely still learning, though.

  5. That is really a pretty quilt! I don't quilt but I do admire then from afar.

    1. I'm not a frequent quilter, but I do enjoy trying every so (or "sew") often! :-)

  6. yow! (to me) the combination of patience and concentration that must be necessary to create something like that! ayiiee!

    1. I've learned to stop for the day once I get tired, because otherwise I spend more time seam-ripping than sewing!

  7. My mom has some beautiful, intricate quilts and quilt tops that were never quilted that were done by my grandmother and my great aunt. My favorite is called, I think Grandmother's Flower Garden. Most of the fabric used was from feed sacks. Quilts are such a treasure!

    1. How wonderful! I think quilts are even better when they are made by loved ones.


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