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Ten Things of Thankful: Snow Edition

The home improvements stores have started stocking seeds and spring bulbs. Raspberry canes tempt me, but the weather lets me know it's still too early for planting. After an amazingly dry November, December, and January, February has decided that Utah winter has begun. 1. I'm thankful for the peaceful falling of the snow. 2. I'm thankful for indoor plumbing. Unlike Drexel, I don't have to venture out when nature calls.  Photo: A figure-eight shaped set of paw-prints in the snow. Drexel walked under the eaves of the house, then ventured out in the snow only far enough to find the nearest bush, then turned around and walked back to the safety of the bare patio again. 3. I'm thankful that, also unlike Drexel, I tend to enjoy playing in the snow. Photo: John's green snowshoes, and my red snowshoes are visible as we hike in the snow. 4. I'm thankful for a warm dry house to come home to when I'm cold and wet. 5. I'm thankful that by

Ten Things of Thankful: A Good Exercise, No Matter What

Have you ever read the children's book, Nothing Ever Happens on My Block  ? A boy sits on the sidewalk and complains about how exciting things happen elsewhere in the world, but nothing ever happens in his neighborhood. Meanwhile, on each page of the book, in the background, many various exciting things ARE happening. The boy is so caught up in moping and grumbling that he fails to see what is all around him. It's easy to fall into the rhythm of everyday life and fail to fully recognize the changes all around us. Sometimes, though, dramatic events shake us up and we long for the simple, humdrum, boring days.  Regardless of whether the week has been boring, or filled with a little too much excitement, I always enjoy taking time to reflect on moments that have made me feel thankful. Living life through a perspective of gratitude makes both the boring times and the too-exciting times more manageable.  Humans are complex creatures, and we can feel grief and gratitude simultan

Six Sentence Story: Smoke

Like to read a little, or write a little? Head over to Uncharted and join in the fun of Six Sentence Stories! This week's prompt: Smoke. ***************************** The daughter often spoke freely of her latest teen heartthrob, so the mother was not surprised to be greeted that morning with the question. "Do you know who is smokin' hot?" The daughter, however, anticipated the  customary response of, "No, who?" and was startled by what she actually heard. "Yes--your dad!" "Eww, Mom, don't you ever say that again!" "You asked the question." ************************ Although I often use real-life experiences as inspiration for my responses, in order to keep from further embarrassing any of my children, if you ask me about this incident, I will have to respond with, "I can neither confirm or deny this conversation occured." (Though I do find John attractive!)

Ten Things of Thankful: Road Trip, then Home Edition

The house is quiet. Outside, the snow is falling. Drexel is at my feet. It's a perfect setting to reflect back over the past week and think about things for which I am thankful. There are many, but I'll stick to ten: 1. I'm thankful that I was able to uneventfully travel to San Diego to attend a significant event: the sealing of one of my friends in the temple. For those of you not familiar with LDS theology, a sealing ceremony is an ordinance of eternal marriage--not just "until death do us part." We believe that families can be together forever, even after this life.  Photo: Palm trees line both sides of an expansive lawn that leads to the white spires of the San Diego temple. The sky is blue and cloudless. 2. I'm thankful for wonderful friends and the chance we had to visit outside the temple after the ceremony. 3. I'm thankful that youngest daughter came to San Diego with me.  4. I'm thankful for the time we spent in La Jolla, walki

Six Sentence Story: Pitch

It's Thursday, which means it's another opportunity to join with Zoe at Uncharted and share a Six Sentence Story . This week's prompt: pitch. The slight-of-stature woman behind me in the grocery store line seemed to shrink as she caught my eye. "I can't seem to control him," she murmured apologetically. It was at that point that I noticed she had a small child with her. He was whining--just loud enough to be picked up on mom-radar, but not loud enough to attract the attention of strangers--for a tempting candy that was strategically placed at his eye-level in a shrewd marketing ploy. I was miraculously shopping solo that day; all five of my children had other activities to attend at the time. The frazzled mother had no idea I could relate to her predicament, and she had no idea that her son had a long way to go to perfect pitching a fit!

Ten Things of Thankful: A Mostly-In Photos List

It's time once again to reflect on the past week and remember how much I have to be thankful for. It's been a good week! 1. I'm thankful that progress continues on the house. Photo: A collage of three photos of my living room. The photo on the left shows a carpeted room, filled with remodeling stuff: paint cans, a garbage can, wood flooring in boxes, etc. The middle photo shows the same room with the carpet removed and the wood flooring installed. Various tools and pieces of wood scraps are on the floor. The photo on the right shows the same room with the floor stained a medium-brown (Early American) color. 2. I'm thankful that progress continues on the house. (It's worth counting twice.) Photo: A collage of three photos showing the progression of the kitchen remodel. The photo on the left shows the kitchen when we purchased the house. A sheet-rocked pantry is on the left, light maple cabinets are against the walls, and a peninsula sticks out into th