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Ten Things of Thankful: Home Again, Home Again (Jiggety Jig!) Edition

After a wonderful time at Brigham Young University's Education Week, it was time to come back home.  I'm not quite prepared to settle into a fall routine yet, though.  Summer weather in California hangs on, so summer fun must, too.

Ten Things of Thankful: BYU Education Week 2014 Edition

As you may recall, John and I headed to Utah last week.  We rendezvoused there with my brother to retrieve our youngest daughter, who had spent five weeks with his family.  On Sunday, John headed home with youngest daughter (and youngest son, who has a week off between semesters).  I remained in Utah, and have spent the past week at oldest daughter's place while attending Education Week at Brigham Young University. 

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Patient Cat/Weekly Sphinx Bath

Thanks for great personalities. 

Ten Things of Thankful: Final (for this Summer) Empty Nest Edition

As of last night, we no longer have an empty nest.  The last five weeks have flown by, because we were having fun.  Not to worry, though, fun will continue; and besides,  it is good to see youngest daughter again!

Ten Things of Thankful: Empty Nest Vintage Sol San Diego Edition

When we learned that we would have 5 weeks of an empty nest, we e-mailed Paisley, the owner of Vintage Sol , our favorite bed and breakfast in San Diego.  We asked her if she had any availability during our free time, and fortunately for us, she did! (Thankful #1)   

Ten Things of Thankful: "Empty" Nest Edition

This was week 3 of 5 of our empty nest summer--except, it wasn't so empty.  Friday morning at about 5, our doorbell rang.  I was confused.  John was out for his run; he couldn't have locked himself out unless he had a key.  If he had his key, he wouldn't be locked out.  Who else could be ringing our doorbell?