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A to Z of Thankful Me: A

As you might remember, I've joined the A to Z Challenge, and have decided to create an alphabet book for my grandchildren.  Today the challenge begins--where else?--with letter A.

A is for Ambition—reach for the stars!
(You could be an Astronaut and fly up to Mars.)

I took this photo of the Space Shuttle Endeavour's final flight on its way to the California Science Center.

A is also for America and Antiques,

This typewriter was a garage sale find, and was the perfect price--free!

And big green Artichokes to eat.

I thought artichokes were standard dinner fare, until my classmates asked me about them when I was in grade school.  How could anyone miss out on this wonderful vegetable?

 photo visiting2_zps6d4521f3.jpg

 photo ThankfulThought4_zps7d9599c2.jpg
Thanks for a mom who introduced me early to artichokes!

 photo signature3_zps16be6bca.jpg

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  1. I do love the looks of an old typewriter, and I miss the dings and clicks and great sounds a typewriter makes. Of course, I don't miss the white out and fixing typos. I appreciate these new-fangled computers more. :)

  2. Artichokes were not served when I was growing up. I still don't eat them too much.

  3. Applause for the beginning of this beginning of the alphabet-posts. (See what I did there, beginning with A too...) Love the old typewrite! Have one likt that and learned to typ blind with 10 fingers on one. Still greatful to have learned that skill, although with an Ipad or mobile it's quite useless...
    Never, ever had artichokes in my life. Wouldn't know how they taste even or what to eat with them....

    1. ...and I see my beginning of the first sentence is just plain stupid and double... Apologies (hihihihi....again, an A)

  4. cool typewriter! (Christine's Comment made me think, 'that's an app I might pay for, something to make my plastic-clicks and 'no-return' keyboard sound like the thing in your picture must have sounded like, back in it's day.

  5. I love this! Your alphabet book will need to be published, for reals.

    1. I think I will make it into a photobook for the grandkids. :-)

  6. I've never in my life seen an artichoke growing! What a gift this will be!

    1. It is a huge plant! It completely fills (and then some) a 4x4 garden bed.

  7. Wow! That's an amazing shot of the shuttle! Do you have one of those super duper telephoto lenses?

    1. No, my camera is not that fancy. The shuttle just happened to be flying super low--a flyover in appreciation for all the people who helped make it. It was an awe-inspiring sight!

  8. The typewriter is so cool, I miss typing on one but I don't miss the typos... I love artichokes and please take this as a blessing - you are so lucky to have them readily available - here they can run from .50 cents ( hardly happens) - 2.00 ( more like it ) an artichoke - times by 4 or eight - it's kind of pricey. enjoy them they are so yummy. Good positive A words for the Grand-kids :)

    1. Oh, they are expensive in the stores here, too. I just happen to have planted one in my backyard, and am lucky that the plant has done so well.

  9. Hi, Kristi. I love the idea of the alphabet book. Your grandchildren will treasure it. (Said this retired Pre-K teacher)

  10. I so love artichokes! Did you go to Val's site today? A is for Artichoke Pie... I made an alphabet book for my boy when he was little....he still has it at 25. It was fun to make and is so much fun to look at now! You took that flight shot huh? amazing!

    1. Strange--my own comment on my own blog got eaten somehow. Artichoke pie sounds great--I'll go check out Val's blog right now. I bet your ABC book is wonderful. Of course he would keep it! Yes, I took that photo. Generally speaking, unless I have listed a source credit, I take all the photos/design the photo quotes on my blog. Seeing the space shuttle in flight was so amazing--it flew so low, circling the area several times!

  11. I think I was 16 before I ever had an artichoke. I don't know if they just don't grow back east or my mom just didn't bother. I love green vegetables! I could easily be a vegetarian if I just didn't like meat, too!

    1. I remember being so surprised in third grade when I had to explain artichokes to my classmates. What is standard fare for some, is definitely foreign to others!


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