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Ten Things of Thankful: Final Countdown!

  a beautiful double rainbow crosses the 1-15 freeway in Utah This past week, John received notification of his start date for his new job. He'll be starting the week after Thanksgiving, which means that we have this upcoming holiday week to finish our preparations and move. While moving out of state during the busy Thanksgiving weekend when everyone and their dog (including ours) is on the road perhaps doesn't seem ideal, I'm thankful (1) we aren't in limbo anymore and we can make specific moving plans. Our rental house isn't available until the day John starts work, but I'm thankful (2) that we could find an available hotel room that accepts dogs and (3) that our new landlords will allow us to park one of our cars (loaded up with our boxes of stuff) on their property until we move in. I'm also thankful (4) that the hotel does offer late checkout, so hopefully I won't need to spend too much time (if any) driving around with Drexel before moving into the

Ten Things of Thankful: One Last Vacation Before Work

  The setting sun is shown through a Celebrity Eclipse life preserver As I mentioned in my last post, John has taken a job that will last for about a year and we will be relocating temporarily to California. However, before this job offer came, we had booked a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, so I spent the last week practicing "living in the moment"--which is not easy for a planner like me, especially when we have an upcoming out-of-state move! But I am definitely not complaining, and I was certainly glad John had the chance to relax before beginning his new job.  As relaxation week is over, I'll jump right into the Ten Things of Thankful list: 1. I'm thankful that on the way to port, we got to visit with our daughter and grandchildren. 2. I'm thankful we got to stay in the rental house that we will be living in shortly. It's even better than we realized from the online photos. 3. As an example of #2, I'm thankful the house has an installed doggy door leading to