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Satisfying a Silhouette Curiousity

In case you were wondering about what the silhouettes from Disneyland look like, you need not wonder any more: You might want to watch this video, which demonstrates a bit of the process: Thankful thought:  Thanks for those who share their talents!

Weekend Getaways: I'm For Them!

John and I just returned from a weekend spent in San Diego.  If you were sitting in my living room, and if the year were circa 1970, we'd just pull out the projector and show you the slide show (and maybe we'd eat fondue!) Instead, you'll have to scroll down to see the photos and read the commentary.  As for snacks, I'm afraid you're on your own--but if you're near San Diego, I'd recommend Extraordinary Desserts and/or HeavenSent Desserts. On the way to the wonderful bed-and-breakfast, Vintage Sol , we just had to stop at Disneyland.  We visited City Hall to pick up "Happy Anniversary" buttons, and wore them proudly.  A cast member volunteered to take our photo near Sleeping Beauty's castle. We rode a few rides:  Peter Pan, Mr. Toad, Big Thunder Railroad, Haunted Mansion, Winnie the Pooh, Star Tours, and Indiana Jones.  We ate lunch at the Blue Bayou, and were seated at a waterfront table. We also sat and got our silhouettes cut--so

1940 Census Indexing Insights

I've been bugging encouraging you for weeks now to try your hand at indexing the 1940 census .  If you haven't signed up yet, I understand.  I'm sometimes hesitant to sign up for something that I'm unfamiliar with, and hesitant to commit myself to something that I'm not sure I really will enjoy.  However, indexing is a risk-free endeavor.  Wait, I take that back.  If you do start indexing, you might find yourself indexing much more than you originally intended!  It really is that much fun.  (Either that, or my idea of fun is off.  Maybe both.) Anyway, go follow the above link and see what you think! Today, I'm going to attempt to share some of the "tricks-of-the-trade" that have proved helpful to me in indexing the 1940 census.  After signing in, I click on "Download Batch" and a list of various indexing opportunities pops up.  For today's post, I click on the Washington state 1940 census.  Soon, this is the image I see: I quick

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: The Next 25 Years Begins!

Thankful thought:  Thanks again for John, for marriage, for family, . . . .

25 Years, Infinite Reasons (But I'll Give You 25)

In no particular order: 25.  He introduced himself as an engineering major, "by default."  First of all, you have to be smart to be in engineering, but secondly, that's funny--and I love smart and funny! 24.  I can be myself around him. 23.  He never criticizes my cooking--even when there is just cause. 22.  He plans fun dates. 21.  He values my opinions. 20.  He says "thank you." 19.  He holds doors for me. 18.  He ignores my weaknesses. 17.  Daily, he tells me and shows me he loves me. 16.  I can lean on him when I'm exhausted. 15.  He encourages me to pursue my interests--even when that means allowing a 4-legged shedding machine into our home! 14.  We are equal partners. 13.  We enjoy many of the same things.  I've learned to appreciate a good movie crash scene; he will suggest we visit Disneyland. 12.  He held down the fort while I was on bed rest. 11.  He is committed both to the institution of marriage and to me.

Visiting Teaching Message: Envy and Pickle Juice

As you probably know, visiting teachers are to choose a message from April's general conference to share this month.  I wanted to make a handout to accompany Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk.   Feel free to right-click on the image to copy/print it if you would like. Thankful thought:  Thanks to those who greet the happy moments of others with smiles on their faces, even when it is difficult. 

College Crowd Weekend

Brigham Young University's winter semester just ended, and spring term starts this week.  In the short little break between, oldest son and oldest daughter came home briefly, bringing friends with them:  oldest son's fiancee, her sister, and oldest daughter's former roommate.  They were nice enough to humor me as I snapped a photo or two just as they were heading out the door.  We enjoyed having them, but the time flew by too quickly.  Fortunately, I'm fairly positive this isn't the last time we'll see them.  (Don't these two make a cute couple?)  Thankful thought:  Thanks for kids, and their good friends.  Thanks also for the 50 men who presented a musical number at church today! 

19 Years Ago, I Wasn't Sure I'd Be Saying This Now: Happy Birthday!!

I had a remarkably easy life growing up.  Oh, sure, I had moments that I thought were incredibly hard--like moving to a new house during high school--but, in retrospect, were nothing.  Nineteen years ago, I had my first real challenge in life, one that I can still look back on and think, "Yep, that was hard!"  I was pregnant with my youngest son, and started having problems at 10 weeks.  One doctor even suggested abortion, but we didn't want that. I spent the next 20 weeks on bed rest, mentally willing this baby to just hold on.  Due to a lot of prayer, me physically doing nothing, family and friends doing everything, and a very capable medical staff, youngest son managed to arrive alive.  He didn't even weigh 3 pounds, but he fought hard and was out of the hospital after 6 weeks.  A week later, he again found himself in a hospital.  One week after that, he was home again.  I found myself constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.  His long-term prognosis

Wordless Wednesday: Sunrise View from My Backyard

Thankful thought:  Thanks for beautiful sunrises!

Stories from the 1940s: World War II From My Grandparents' Perspective

While indexing the 1940 census, I can't help but think of my grandparents.  If you haven't already, I really recommend you visit this site , sign up to index, and give it a try.  It is easy to do, and fun.  Grandpa and Grandma lived in a small town in central Oregon when Pearl Harbor was bombed.  Grandma wrote: "Almost everyone was patriotic in support of the war, just didn't like the conditions, rationing, etc.  Quite a few men changed jobs to keep from being drafted (farm, labor, shipyards).  But many married men with families like Grandpa didn't wait to be drafted.  Grandpa is proud of the time he spent in the service.  Grandpa enlisted in June before [second son] was born . . . so I didn't work.  Grandpa was home from boot camp when [second son] was born.  I had induced labor two days before his leave was up so he could be here.  they wouldn't even let Grandpa see him, only through the nursery window.  Couldn't hold him . . .  I suppose that made

Guide Dog Puppy Raising Q & A

In the few months I've been a puppy raiser, I've answered the same questions over and over.  Don't worry; I don't mind.  I actually love talking about Reno.  Guide Dogs for the Blind  is a great program, and I would encourage you to look at their web site for more information.  For today's post, though, I thought I'd answer some of the more popular questions I get asked or overhear children asking their parents. Why is there a doggie in the store?   Reno is a guide dog puppy in training.  Socialization is a major part of that training.  He needs to learn how to behave in all sorts of public settings so he will be a good working guide dog for a blind person.  He has been to stores, church, the library, the credit union, the doctor's office, Weight Watcher meetings, the movies, restaurants, and more.  Why is he wearing a muzzle?   The "muzzle" is actually called a Gentle Leader, and it is a head collar that functions much like a horse's bridl

Wordless Wednesday: Reno the Moose (Almost 7 Months Old)

Thankful thought:  Thanks to everyone who takes an interest in Reno, even when I can't answer the burning question:  "How much bigger is he going to get?"

Have I Persuaded You Yet?

Just where did I find that cute little video?  On the 1940 census blog, of course.  That blog is a wealth of information and statistics about the 1940 census.  For instance, did you know that the state of Delaware is completely indexed?  If you had relatives living in Delaware in 1940, you can now easily find them!  The 1940 census blog is much more than just information about how the indexing project is progressing, though.  Do you want to learn about the culture  of the 1940's?  Look at the blog.   Curious about the news and events that happened in 1940?  Look at the blog.  (I learned that the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Galloping Gertie, collapsed in Nov. 1940.  If you somehow missed that video in science class, be sure to do a youtube search for it.)  Are you a Chuck Norris fan?  Believe it or not, the 1940 census blog has a post about him, too.  Do you enjoy contests?   If you would like a chance to win an iPad, check out the blog and start indexing! Have I persuaded you

Monday Menu Recap Missing in Action

You may (or may not) have noticed that the Monday Menu Recap posts have faded away.  I originally started them to help me realize just exactly what we eat, and to help me plan for food storage needs.  Well, Weight Watchers tracking meets the first purpose (and I'm over 7 pounds down, at least prior to the overindulgent weekend!), while the discovery of the Chef Tess website (link under "Blogs I Follow" on right side bar) has given me new ideas for food storage.  Also, I've been told that the menu recaps were boring.  Well, not in those exact words, but apparently the key to food posts is photos, and I don't really want to hold up dinner for a photo shoot every night.  So, farewell to the Monday Menu recap.  I'm not sure yet what topic we will greet instead.  This little blog is definitely a work in progress, and I'm open to suggestions.  Thankful thought:  Thanks for family, friends, and followers, who are so patient with me.

An Easter Message

Happy Easter!  Please enjoy this short video: Thankful thought:  Thanks for the plan of salvation, and Jesus Christ and His central role in that plan, in which He atoned for our sins, and conquered death.

Happy Birthday to My Youngest Daughter!

Lovable, huggable youngest daughter celebrates her birthday today. Happy birthday! Thankful thought:  Thanks for my sweet baby girl! 

Confident Parenting

[Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed below have come to me after years of raising children who differ in their personalities, strengths, and talents.  This post is not about any one child, but rather what I have been taught by all of my children collectively.]

1940 Census: Autumn Blossom, Grandpa, and Grandma

Have you been having fun with the 1940 census?  I certainly have!  First, I helped by indexing some batches.  I always enjoy finding unusual names, and this week, I found a name worthy of any modern celebrity's child:  Autumn Blossom.  It makes me smile.  I don't recall her last name, and wouldn't post it even if I did, as she was a child in 1940 and quite possibly still living.  If you're reading this, Autumn Blossom, I just have to say I love your name! On a more personal note, after indexing, I browsed through the census and found my grandparents!  Grandpa had told me that they had met in May of 1940 when my grandma was working for the postmistress in a small town.  What I learned from the census was that my grandpa was living next door to the post office. (He lived with a young couple, working as their hired hand.)  My grandma's occupation on the census was listed as "housekeeper at home".  The census date was April 15th.  I can speculate that my g

Wordless Wednesday: Lilacs and Apricots

Thankful thought:  Thanks for the smells and tastes of spring! 

Anyone for a Quart of Pickle Juice? Some of My Reflections on General Conference

Have you ever learned a new word, and then realized that the word appeared everywhere?  The same principal seems to hold when it comes to spiritual growth and impressions--suddenly, it seems like everything you hear and read deepens your understanding of spiritual truths.  Some of my past blog entries have touched upon the idea of not judging others, and of being patient with ourselves, but the more I ponder and study, the more completely I grasp the interconnectedness of those ideas, and how having charity, the true love of Christ, encompasses everything else. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held its semi-annual General Conference this past weekend, and a couple of talks did a great job of stating gospel principles that I have been thinking about lately. I particularly enjoyed listening to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  Elder Holland spoke about the parable of the labourers in the vineyard, and the lessons learned from that parable. 

Happy Birthday to My Middle Daughter

Whether you spend your day basking in the sunshine . . .    or playing in the snow . . . When you blow out your candles, know that I'm wishing all the best for you! Thankful thought:  Thanks for middle daughter! 

No Fooling! Tomorrow You Can Start Indexing the 1940 Census

Thankful thought:  Thanks for family history!