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Thursday Thoughts: Sometimes a Checkout Line Delay is Good

I'm normally a pretty even-keeled person, but if something just isn't right , I can get (politely) ticked off.  Today's experience at Walmart had me calmly asking for the corporate number, and though I'm still a bit upset, I am also glad.

Tuesday Time to Tackle: Day with the Granddaughter!

Today I got to spend much of the day with my happy granddaughter.  We hung out together while her mom had a doctor's appointment, then spent some time grocery shopping.  She's such an easy-going girl and rarely fusses. 

Ten Things of Thankful: Lovely Autumn

I've mentioned before, but it bears repeating, that I love fall.  This week I noticed the following:

Friday Family History: Happy Birthday to my Father-in-Law

Last week was my birthday; today is my father-in-law's.  I received a gift in the mail from my in-laws, and it made me smile even before I opened it.  I failed to take a photo of the packaging. ( When will I ever learn I need to always take pictures?)   I'll attempt to give you an idea: Yes, it appeared that I was receiving a toilet seat for my birthday. 

Thursday Thoughts: Courage

My thoughts are stuck in my head this week, so I'll let this video speak for itself.  Lest my mom anyone is worried, let me assure you I am fine; I just know of others who are struggling a bit right now.   How have you shown courage, or how have you seen courage demonstrated?   Thanks for those who just keep plugging along, even when it's hard.

Monday Morning in the Kitchen: The Soup I Served an Apostle

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to help provide a dinner for Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles .  He arrived in town Saturday afternoon, and had a short amount of time to eat on Saturday between conference sessions.  A light dinner was requested, and the stake Relief Society presidency, along with some other sisters, brought soups, salads, homemade rolls, and desserts.  I brought the chicken noodle soup.

Ten Things of Thankful: Short and Sweet Edition

I've been quiet on the blog this week, but I anticipated I'd write a nice long TToT post, albeit in the afternoon on Sunday.  Well, you know what they say about plans.  Tonight, I learned that granddaughter is coming to visit Sunday afternoon.   So, because this is my only chance to write a post, and I don't write all that well after about 8 p.m. ( and it's currently after 11 p.m.!), I'm going to keep this brief.  Heartfelt, but brief.  John suggested:  "I'm thankful for the following words that rhyme:  boat, goat, tote. . ."  I'll be a bit more detailed, but not much.  The moon.  Hasn't it been beautiful this week?  My shoes. (Check out this post .) Disneyland.  (I really enjoy Disneyland.) Spending my birthday with John and youngest daughter. (I love my family!) Phone calls from all my other children.  ( I love my family!) Puppy sitters. ( I love Drexel, but appreciate occasional time off from puppy-raising duties.)  Being asked to hel

Tuesday Time to Tackle: Painted Shoes

The creativity of my children never fails to amaze me.  I don't know if they are exceptionally creative, or if I'm just exceptionally not, but whatever the case, I'm thankful I can learn from them.   Look what's on my feet today:  

Ten Things of Thankful: General Conference Edition

Every six months, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds a general conference.  People all over the world can view the sessions (translated into many different languages) in meetinghouses, online at , or on television.   I spent hours last weekend watching conference, and by the end of the day on Sunday, my spiritual cup was overflowing.  This week's Ten Things of Thankful post highlights some of the words I heard last weekend.  I'm thankful for how each of these statements spoke to my soul:

Friday Family History: Alma Mater Edition

It's homecoming weekend at Brigham Young University, and though I'm not in Utah, I thought I'd share photos from John's graduation day and my graduation day.  First, though, a rousing "Rise and Shout":

Thursday Thoughts: DO Sweat the Small Stuff

The popular adage, "Don't sweat the small stuff," seems to be good advice.  After all, why get worked up about something that ultimately won't matter?  I'm all in favor of keeping perspective, and focusing attention on things that bring long-lasting joy.  However, I think it is a grave error to discount the importance of "small stuff."

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Recent Accomplishments

    Thanks for completed projects.

Tuesday Time to Tackle: Real Life!

Taking another blogging break today while I tackle little projects.  I don't want to use my "I'm motivated!" time to write, but do want to pop in and say "hi."  I hope you enjoy your agenda for today! Thanks for time.

Ten Things of Thankful: Gone to the Dogs Edition

This week, the brilliant mind behind Ten Things of Thankful, Lizzi of Considerings,   asked for each co-hosts to contribute a paragraph about pets, for a future group post.  I was happy to participate, then I thought, why not make my entire post about dogs in my life?  So, this week's TToT is the Gone to the Dogs edition.  I'm thankful for:

Tuesday Time to Tackle: Visiting Teaching Message October 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about this talk  by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  When I read the visiting teaching message for October, I was amazed that the very talk I had been reading was part of the message.  Link