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Ten Things of Thankful: A Friendly Fourth of July

  Big Betsy, the largest free-flying American flag, is suspended at the mouth of a canyon in Utah Good grief! I've typed and backspaced, typed and backspaced, and meanwhile time is a tickin' and eventually the blog link will expire, so without further ado, I present to you a stream-of-consciousness, no-time-for-thinking-too-hard, Ten Things of Thankful post! 1. I'm thankful for the freedoms I enjoy from living in this country.  2. I'm thankful for the people who fought for, and defend, those freedoms. 3. I'm thankful that on this 4th of July, some good friends visited us. We had fun playing miniature golf and sharing meals together.  4. I'm thankful for the memories of 4th of July celebrations when I was a child. We lived about a mile away from the city's fireworks display, so every Independence Day we would sit out on blankets in our front yard and enjoy the fireworks. If it was rainy (not unheard of in Oregon!) we just moved inside to the big picture windo

Ten Things of Thankful: Starting July on a High Note

  The Beach Boys take the stage in Logan, Utah What a week! In my circle of friends and family, there have been quite a few people who are currently facing challenges, and those individuals have been on my mind and in my prayers (and phone calls/texts/messages.)  Missing segue, but keep reading and hopefully everything will make sense in the end. Years ago, I attended a concert at a local fair. The Beach Boys were performing, and the concert was made even better because many friends were there, too. A month or so ago, I read that The Beach Boys were going to perform in Logan, Utah, at the end of June, so I purchased tickets for John and I to go. On the night of the concert, as we were waiting for the performance to start, I reminisced back to that other concert, with so many of our friends in attendance.  An accident happened to the husband of one of those friends this week, and he is currently hospitalized with numerous injuries. As I sat in the stadium, I considered and reconsidered