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Thursday Thoughts: I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Last week, I was surprised to receive two awards: a Leibster award from Cathy at Cathy's Craft Corner, and an Inspiring Blog award from Francesca at Bjurstrom Family Happenings. When it rains it pours--and I was caught without an umbrella, because I certainly didn't anticipate the nominations.  Thanks Cathy and Francesca.  I hope you don't mind a combined acceptance speech.

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

Tuesday Time to Tackle: Taxes!

I hope that by the time this post is published, my tax return will be filed and I can be back to working on fun projects.  It's amazing just how much time and mental effort goes into completing tax returns!  I'm not about to give any tax advice, but I do have organizational tips that might help tax preparation go easier next year.

Monday Morning in the Kitchen: Bacon Pomegranate Mint Salad

One thing I've learned from watching the TV show, "Chopped," is that it's possible to combine diverse ingredients and end up with a tasty dish.  This salad might not make me a "Chopped Champion," but I enjoyed it.

Sunday Musings of the Spirit: March Visiting Teaching Message

The March visiting teaching message can be found here. I particularly liked the quotation by President Monson, which reminds us that the Lord will help and sustain us as we serve Him.

Friday Family History: NO, We Don't!

When I asked for suggestions for this week's blog post, my oldest daughter suggested I tell a story about my oldest son.  Since he wasn't around to agree to that, I countered with the following story about my daughter.  She agreed.

Thursday Thoughts: Lessons Learned from Cleaning My Pantry

Last night, some of the youth from the church used our kitchen for an "Iron Chef"-type activity.  While most of the food was provided, the youth could use spices from my pantry.  While cleaning the pantry in anticipation of the evening's event, I learned several things.

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Happiness is a Warm Spot of Sunshine

Tuesday Time to Tackle: Thrift Store Shopping

If you have a free afternoon for shopping, where do you like to go?  While I do enjoy perusing craft/fabric stores and garden nurseries, most often if I want to shop, I head to a thrift or antique store.  I never know what I will find, but I know I might score a bargain.

Sunday Musings of the Spirit: The Way to Peace

I love the message of the New Testament, and I love the cadence of the words in the King James' Version.  Today I thought I would share a video presentation of part of the Sermon on the Mount.  I know that the more closely I follow this advice, the more peaceful and happy I am.

Friday Family History: Getting the Facts Straight

Family history research requires the ability to sort through sometimes conflicting information in order to get the facts straight.  Errors in transcription, failing memories, or misconceptions can all contribute to inaccuracies.

Thursday Thoughts: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Another Visit with My Granddaughter

Tuesday Time to Tackle: Twisting Heart Pillow

Last week, Connie from Freemotion by the River posted a tutorial for a twisting heart quilt block.  I've been wanting to try some quilting projects--smaller ones, on which I can practice new (to me) quilting techniques.

Monday Morning in the Kitchen: Frosted Shortbread Lemon Bars

As I've mentioned previously, I belong to a produce co-op.  The last box I received contained fresh lemons.  I decided to use some to make lemon bars.

Sunday Musings of the Spirit: Living Up to Our Privilege

I really love this video; please take the time to watch it.  Our Heavenly Father wants the very best for us, and as we allow Him to direct us, we will be happy.

Friday Family History: The Rest of the Story

For the past few Fridays, I've shared stories of learning experiences that my siblings and I had growing up.  Well, after last Friday's post, I received e-mails from my dad and sister.  I thought today, with permission from the authors,  I should share "the rest of the story."

Thursday Thoughts: Woolzies Winner!

As soon as the plumbers got the water running again, I tackled the laundry.  I've been happy with the Woolzies; the dryer now finishes before the washing machine does, so the whole laundry process goes smoothly.  With the exception of one load, which had a bit of static, the clothes have been static-free.  I'm definitely going to keep using the Woolzies!

Monday Morning in the Kitchen: Mashed Rutabagas

"Mom, what is a rutabaga?" Mention rutabaga, and John and I both instantly remember Cliff the mailman (from the sitcom Cheers), explaining his idea of the "beetabaga."

Sunday Musings of the Spirit: Perspective

Ever have one of those weeks?  It has been one doozie of a week for me, filled with pain (root canal), inconvenience (no water), and a million-and-one other reasons excuses to complain.  It is easy to get wrapped up in the problems of the day, and become stressed.

Friday Family History: Brother Learned to Be Nice, Too

Two weeks ago, I shared my mean game of hide-and-seek.  Last week, I tattled on my sister. This week, my brother gets to be the center of attention.