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Ten Things of Thankful: Willow Update

I can't believe I forgot to mention this in Friday's TToT post, so I will mention it now (and count it for 10 thankfuls):   Willow has been matched to a client, and will begin in-home training on December 7th!!!! Most clients travel to the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus to receive their dogs and training, but sometimes, for various reasons, a dog and trainer will travel to the client's home.  Such is the case for Willow.  I don't know if the client will choose to attend a graduation ceremony or not.  While I think it would be fun to attend a ceremony, I'm really just very happy to have been able to participate in raising a guide dog.  If the client wants to, I would be happy to stay in touch and hear how Willow does as a working guide.   Here's a photo of Willow taken in March of this year: Photo:  Black lab guide dog puppy-in-training Willow Hopefully Deedee can follow in Willow's paw-steps! <div align="center">

Ten Things of Thankful: Thanksgiving Birthday and Other Things

Do I need to say that I love Thanksgiving?  Though there were only 13 around the table this year (plus a baby), the house was full of love, laughter, and food.  Let's jump right into the list for the week:

A Firmoo Glasses Review

I was recently contacted and offered a free pair of glasses in exchange for a review of the glasses from .  Having recently "graduated" from dollar store reading glasses part-time to wearing progressive lens full-time, I thought, "Why not?" 

Ten Things of Thankful: Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I've been pondering lately about thanksgiving--not only Thanksgiving the holiday, but thanksgiving, the action or trait.   I'd like to start this TToT with some insights on thanksgiving before I move into some specific thankfuls for this week.

A Dose of Deedee--Thirteen Weeks Old

Last week, Deedee had an appointment with the veterinarian for her (Deedee's, not the vet's) next puppy shot.  She (again, Deedee, not the vet)  also was weighed:  24 pounds of puppy!  When I got home, I pulled out Drexel's records.  While Deedee weighed 24 pounds at 12 weeks, Drexel weighed only 21 pounds--and he is a big boy!  I'll be curious to see how Deedee grows, and just how big she gets.   Deedee's insight for this week: John and Kristi were remarking about how much better I was getting with housebreaking.  Do you know what this means?  They might expect more of me!  I decided to spend the past 8 hours reminding them that I am still just a little, cute, helpless puppy. See? Photo:  A close-up of black lab Deedee's cute face Kristi again:  Cute, yes.  Puppy, yes.  Little?  Not really.  Helpless? Oh, she'd like me to believe that.  Deedee has made more progress forward than backward, and I know that one or two steps of regression is nothing

Ten Things of Thankful: No Matter What, We Can Be Thankful

Sometimes events are so overwhelming, so tragic, so emotional, that it is hard to concentrate on anything else and, in fact, it seems somehow wrong to speak of anything lighter or happy.  My heart certainly goes out to those who are intimately affected by the recent events in France.  As we keep them in our thoughts and prayers, though, and support them however we can, I think it is also imperative that we continue to see the good in the world.  We cannot let fear keep us from feeling thankful.  And as we share our expressions of gratitude, hopefully the world will seem a little brighter, a little calmer, and a little more peaceful.  

Ten Things of Thankful: Autumn Edition (I'm Serious this Time!)

The swamp coolers got covered up this week, and the thermostats got turned back on.  The heater has been blowing warm air into the cool house, and I have started wearing sweaters again.  Summer might make an appearance here and there in the next few months, but for the most part, I think it's safe to say that it is now fall.  I love fall!

Six Sentence Story: Close

I'm participating again in Ivy's Six Sentence Stories .  This week's prompt:  close.

A Dose of Deedee at 11 Weeks Old

Deedee is 11 weeks old today, and would like to share her insights from the past week with you.

November 2015 Visiting Teaching, and Ten Things of Thankful

For the month of November, visiting teachers are to select a message from the October 2015 General Conference talks. Sometimes it is hard to pick just one talk!  November is also the month of Thanksgiving here in the United States.  I thought, "Why not combine the idea of Thanksgiving with messages from conference?"  The result is a Cornucopia of Conference.