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Ten Things of Thankful: Corrections Edition

A square filled with various snowflake designs, or how it feels in Utah this spring As this week progressed, I realized that several things I wrote over the past couple of months need correction, and I came to the conclusion that a corrections edition of the TToT was called for. It doesn't change my gratitude, but is merely a recognition that sometimes we can be thankful for something even if it doesn't turn out exactly as we expected.  Seven weeks ago (yes, I'm counting!) I mentioned that Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter. While that was technically correct, I was expecting that perhaps he meant six weeks and only six weeks. Snow is still falling today, so while I'm still hopeful that spring weather will arrive eventually, Punxsutawney Phil should have predicted AT LEAST six more weeks of winter.  1. Although it's getting really old, I am thankful for the snow. The Great Salt Lake is filling up, the reservoirs are also filling, the ground is moi

Ten Things of Thankful: The Calendar Almost Says Spring!

A glimpse across the valley shows snow-covered mountains providing a backdrop for Utah Lake It's a bit chilly outside, but we are between "atmospheric river events" right now and the sky is blue and the snow is melted in our yard. (As an aside, I need to research the phrase "atmospheric river". Is it a new term for "jet stream" or is it a new creature altogether?) Anyway, the first day of spring is coming soon! I know that doesn't mean that spring weather will necessarily come right away, but it's just so nice to think of warmer sunny days and plants growing and flowers blooming.  It's also nice to sit down and write down the things that I am thankful for this week. Won't you join me? I'll go first and give you time to think, and then you can tell me in the comments or in your own post! Link up with on the Ten Things of Thankful blog , hosted by Dyanne .  1. I'm thankful for little signs that tell me that spring is coming.  A da

Ten Things of Thankful: Spring Might Be Coming!

  a backyard and mountainside covered in snow Monday, we woke up to more snow on top of the snow we already had. A very snowy Mt. Timpanogos contrasts with a deep blue sky On Thursday, the sun came out and I took the photo above of a deep blue sky above a very snowy Mt. Timpanogos.  Rain is in the forecast at our elevation this coming week, though the mountains should receive more snow. The break in the snow and the sun coming out reminds me that spring will come sometime.  1. I'm thankful for the seasons. Contrast is nice.  While I've been mostly inside this week, I've gotten some things accomplished. 2. I'm thankful to have taxes done and filed.  Have you read the children's book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"? In it, a mouse gets a cookie, but then needs other things (glass of milk, etc.) Sometimes I feel like that mouse!  3. I'm thankful that we will be getting fiber internet installed soon. It will be faster and cheaper than our current internet.

Thankful Me: Just Me and My 64,051 Cousins

  A sign that reads: "ROOTSTECH 2023 UNITING FAMILIES FRIENDS TRADITIONS INNOVATORS GENERATIONS COMMUNITIES rootstech by FamilySearch" I've spent the past few days in Salt Lake City at the Salt Palace Convention Center attending RootsTech, a large family history conference. Between the in-person attendees, and the online attendees, the "Find My Relatives at RootsTech" app told me that I had 64,051 cousins joining me (at the time of this writing. The number keeps going up as more people join in online.) One thousand three hundred and fifty-one of those were attending in person. That's a lot of people! I didn't actually meet all of them, of course, as we were all going from class to class, attending lectures and workshops, listening to keynote speakers, browsing through the expo hall, and going down the street to the FamilySearch library, in search for ancestors' records. That's not to say I didn't connect with relatives. I bumped into old frie