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Monday Morning in the Kitchen: Oven-Baked Sea Bass

The farm-share delivery service that I subscribe to has recently joined up with a community supported fishery, so now not only can I pick up produce each week, I can also bring home fresh-from-the-Pacific fish. 

Ten Things of Thankful: First Official Full Week of Summer

Summer has officially arrived, and I've been delighted and amazed that our temperatures have (for the most part) stayed in the 90s.  Presumably, the well-over 100 temperatures will come, but for now, I'm enjoying the relatively cool summer.   I'll count that as my first thankful.  This week, I'm also thankful for:

Monday Morning in the Kitchen: Blueberry Sour Cream Crisp

I've mentioned before that I sometimes plan entire meals around sour cream .  Yesterday I had a bit of sour cream, and decided to make a dessert with it. (OK, to be honest, we ate it for dinner.  And maybe for breakfast this morning.)

Ten Things of Thankful: A More-than-One-Week Edition

As I (rightly) dedicated last's week's post to Father's Day, I missed some thankfuls that happened last week.  They were too good to overlook, though, so this week's list will include items that actually happened last week. 

Throwback Thursday: Great-Uncle George

I'm going to try to be more consistent about scanning in old photos and sharing them on the blog, as well as on family history websites.  This week, I'm sharing some photos of my dad's Uncle George. WWII

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: More Grandma Brag Book

Father's Day brought kids and grandkids to visit, and although it wasn't my day, I certainly reaped the benefits!

Tuesday Time to Tackle: 25-Cent Kitchen Towels

One of the local thrift stores regularly receives donations of fabric.  I always make a point to look at what is hanging up on the racks, and I have been known to purchase fabric with no idea how I'm going to use it.  I just can't seem to pass up the bargain price--fabric is always marked at $1 a yard, no matter what kind or quality!  (Unless the tag is the color of the day, of course, and then it's only 50 cents a yard!)

Monday Morning in the Kitchen: Grilled Eggplant Stack with Summer Squash

Artichokes get me excited.  I think, "YUM!" when I think of artichokes.  Eggplants are not artichokes.  When I find eggplants in my produce box, I think, "Hmm. . . what can I do with these?"  It's not that I don't like eggplant, but I don't think I've ever thought to myself, "I just have to have an eggplant!" 

Ten Things of Thankful: Father's Day Edition

As Father's Day is this weekend, I thought it appropriate to focus this week's TToT post on what my dad has taught me through the  years.  I'm thankful that Dad taught me:

Throwback Thursday: Label Those Photos!

Don't you just love this old photo?

Tuesday Time to Tackle: Shoe Repair

Some people (like John and I) drive their cars until they (the cars) die.  At some point, an advance directive would be nice.  Should we spend more money to replace yet another part, or are we just delaying the inevitable?  

Monday Morning in the Kitchen: Dad's (Product Placement) Omelet

My parents stand firmly behind this blogging thing I'm attempting.  Before I left their house on Saturday, Mom said, "You need to take a picture of Dad's omelet!"  I agreed, with the caveat that I then needed the recipe, so I could feature the omelet on Monday's (today's) blog post.   

Ten Things of Thankful: 5 Senses of Childhood Home Edition

I've spent much of the past week in Oregon, visiting my parents and grandma and helping with some of the yard work.  The familiar sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels let me know that even though I'm away from home, I'm home.  

Thursday Thrift Store Find

I'm spending this week in Oregon.  As you might remember, I spent some time in Oregon earlier this year when my dad had heart surgery.  I stayed in my parents' home with my grandma, so my mom could be with my dad while he was in the hospital recovering.  I realized a little bit better then just how much energy goes into being a full-time caregiver to a person with Alzheimer's.  I decided then that I should come to Oregon more frequently, to provide a bit of help, or at least distraction.

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Oregon Backyard Birdwatching

Thanks for beautiful birds. 

Monday Morning in the Kitchen: Slow Cooker Chicken

I use a crock pot all the time.  In fall and winter, I love having the smell of a warm dinner cooking during the day.  In spring and summer, I love how the kitchen stays cool.  All year round, I love the fact that I can just throw something in the crock pot in the morning, and by evening, dinner is magically ready. 

Ten Things of Thankful: Women's Conference and Seminary Graduation Edition

Yesterday, I had a wonderful, uplifting, inspiring day.  The women from several of our church' local congregations met together for a conference.  Our theme was "Joy."