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Ten Things of Thankful: Grandkids, Apricots, and a Project Completed

You might think from the title that those three things might tie together, but they don't.  I did not, for example, attempt to make apricot jam with my grandchildren this week.  Maybe I would brave that years down the road, but taking a baby, a 2-year-old, and a 3-year-old to the park alone is about my current limit!

Six Sentence Story: Draw

This week's Six Sentence Story prompt is "draw."  My mind first went to drawing a picture, then drawing conclusions, and finally. . . 

Ten Things of Thankful: Forgetful Surprise Edition

Thursday night's surprise overshadowed the events of the rest of the week, and this morning, I am kicking myself that I totally forgot to take a photo!  Before I reveal the big thankful, though, I will share some of the many other thankfuls of the week:

My Favorite Quote from #LDSconf

I (along with millions of others) spent the first weekend of April watching General Conference.  As always, I enjoyed the messages from the various speakers.  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave the concluding remarks .   Years ago, when I was a student at Brigham Young University, Jeffrey R. Holland was known as President Holland, because he was serving as the president of BYU.  While president, he also taught one class each semester:  a Book of Mormon class, mainly comprised of freshmen.  Somehow I managed to enroll in that class.  I have some specific, rather funny memories, such as the time that President Holland called on me every day for about a week to give the closing prayer (even my classmates noticed, and started whispering my name before he would ask me), or how President Holland described himself as a "marshmallow" when it came to grading religion classes.  The overwhelming memory I have, though, wasn't of a specific incident, but rather how President Holland alw

Ten Things of Thankful: Pleasant Springtime Edition

Springtime in the desert needs to be lived in the moment.  Summer and its oppressive heat will arrive soon enough, so looking forward isn't helpful.  For now, I will enjoy temps in the 80's and low 90's, and be thankful for springtime in the desert. 

Six Sentence Story: Address

After a long hiatus, I am again linking up to the Six Sentence Story hop, hosted by Ivy.  This week's prompt:  address.

Ten Things of Thankful: Running Edition

Today John and I ran another 10 K at Disneyland.  I had not trained much, as I was trying to heal what is developing into a chronic case of plantar fasciitis.   I'm now icing my foot and hoping for a speedy recovery.  Here is my quicker-than-my-run Ten Things of Thankful: Photo:  Tinkerbell and Captain Hook show their finisher medals

Ten Things of Thankful: May Day Edition

Do you ever have one of those moments when you realize that something that seemed to happen recently, actually happened weeks, months, or even years ago?  Similarly, do you ever suddenly remember something you meant to say, but the moment is gone? Today is the first day of May, but I'm going to count thankfuls not only from this past week (in April), but also from previous weeks, that I forgot to mention.  Luckily, thankfulness is not confined by time.