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A to Z of Thankful Me: F

Day 6 of the A to Z Challenge:  F

F is for Family, Faith, and Fun.

Fruit Trees and Family Trees—the joy’s never done.

John's great-grandma with her parents

 photo visiting2_zps6d4521f3.jpg

 photo ThankfulThought4_zps7d9599c2.jpg
Happy birthday, youngest daughter!

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  1. Lovely F words!
    Although, sometimes family disagrees on 'fun'...
    someone says, let's go to the bowling alley!
    Someone else (me) says, let's go to the library!

    @Get Lost in Lit

    1. Family fun does occasionally require compromise!

  2. Your granddaughters are going to love the A-Z book.

  3. Look at all those beautiful kids!
    The one of you and John made me smile. Is that true emotion or is he mugging for the camera? My kids and Bryan always look for the camera before the ride starts and "pose". :)
    Old photos are so interesting. They always leave me wanting to know more about how the photo came about.

    1. I'm terrified. He's mugging.
      The old photo was an old tin-type. Hopefully great-great grandpa was friendlier than he looked.

  4. Fantasticly found F-words. Fun and Family are the most important, aren't they?!
    For me the F stands for Fabulous Furry Felines.... Just love 'm.

  5. Friends.... I forgot Friends!!! You are one of them and I don't have a lot. So, there, another Fabulous F-word!

    1. Friends are a treasure, and I'm glad you're my friend!

  6. Wonderful words and pictures for F from A to Z!

  7. Have you found out anything more about the history of that last shot (with all your family tree climbing)? I would just love to see some of those old photos in living color... I wonder how different they would be?

    1. I have focused most of my attention on my tree, and not on John's. What I know about that photo is it is an old tin-type, and was taken in Finland.

  8. Another fabulous post! Love your first family picture - John doesn't age, does he? The last picture is a little creepy, yet totally cool.

    1. The years have been kind to John. I agree with your assessment of the last picture, too. :-)

  9. I'm with everyone else (yeah, I know… sounds funny) on that last photo. There is something so…. something about actual, old photographs. It's the closest we're likely ever to get to having a time machine. It's not a painting or a story or a representation…it's them. standing there and when the photographer is finished (20 or 30 minutes later lol) they walked back into …wherever

    1. That photo is particularly. . . something!

  10. That first picture is really beautiful! Family is the best!


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