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Ten Things of Thankful: Coming Up Roses

  A bouquet of red roses and white chrysanthemums  I left Oregon this past week. My sister stayed for a while longer with my parents. My dad is recovering well from his surgery and making great progress. Although I enjoyed spending time with my parents and siblings, and visiting with my cousin, it is nice to be home with John again.  As I walked into PDX, there was a notable lack of people in the airport. I walked right up to the counter to check my bag, then walked right up to the TSA agents to go through security. As I approached them, I started to say, "I've never seen such a big airport so empty," but just as soon as I said the word "never," they both started shushing me. They didn't want me to jinx it for them! They were enjoying a quiet day at work.  The flights (I had a plane change in San Jose) were uneventful.  When I arrived in Burbank, my suitcase was the second one to come down the luggage chute onto the carousel. As soon as I got my bag, John wa

Ten Things of Thankful: A Trip Down Memory Lane

  My granduncle, Theodore Kimes, dressed in a suit and cap, leans out the passenger window of a brand-new 1923 Ford Model T I'm still in Oregon. My dad is doing well in his recovery from knee surgery ( thankful #1 ). My brother drove home last Sunday (totally unrelated to the photo above!). He had an uneventful, safe drive ( thankful #2 ). As my dad's recovery progresses, my mom now has mental energy and time to think about other things ( thankful #3 ). Mom has had a desire to visit Arkansas on a family history vacation, to see the sites that were so familiar to her mother. We've talked about it for a while, but this past week we put in on the calendar for this fall ( thankful #4 ). We've started planning where exactly we will go and what sites we will visit. My grandma kept detailed journals and photo albums ( thankful #5 ), and my mom has them now (thankful #6 ), so we were able to take a vicarious trip down memory lane as we read about the old places we've never

Ten Things of Thankful: From A to Zebra

a Scrabble tile of the letter A, with a 1 to the lower right, indicating point value I'm switching things up today and opting for an alphabetical order for my Ten Things of Thankful list, so without further ado: A: My dad had knee surgery this week, so I flew up to Oregon to see if I could help. (Not with the actual surgery, of course. I think I mainly provide comic relief, though I pitch in with chores and trips to Lowes as required.)  No matter what the occasion for gathering is, one constant is that the Scrabble board will come out. When I drew an A from the bag, I knew I would go first. Though that was nice, I'm thankful for the simple family tradition of Scrabble. B:  My brother arrived on Thursday night. Although his military and civilian work schedules demand a lot of his time, he was able to carve out a few days to come. We make a pretty good window-washing team. (I promise my brother did more than just take photos of me working!)   I'm thankful for my brother and h