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Ten Things of Thankful: Prayer Edition

Right off the bat, to be clear and to alleviate any concern, let me state that this week has been fairly typical.  There have been no personal tragedies, no natural disasters in my area, no close calls to remind me of my own mortality.  I titled this TToT the Prayer Edition simply because I've been thinking about prayer this week. 

Ten Things of Thankful: A Spring Valentine's Day Edition

At least in this part of the country, the groundhog was right; we are experiencing an early spring.  

Six Sentence Story: Draw

It's Thursday, which must mean it's time for another Six Sentence Story !  This week's prompt:  draw.

Another Dose of Deedee: Puppy-proofing Fail

Deedee's insight for the day:  Kristi says I have some 'splaining to do.  She says it would have been humanly impossible to reach my puppy vest from inside my crate.  I say she forgets I'm a canine.  She says I must be part giraffe, because that's the only tongue long enough to reach so far.  In any case, I'm grounded until Kristi gets another puppy vest for me, because she says I can't go out without one on.  She also says she's going to have the memory of an elephant about this event, and I'm not going to get a chance to eat another puppy vest.   Photo:  A green guide dog puppy vest, chewed to pieces Thanks for a cute puppy, who will  learn.  

Ten Things of Thankful: Little Straws Edition

"It was the straw that broke the camel's back."  Isn't it interesting that the break occurred due to a straw, and not a heavy rock?  There might have been rocks in the pack, but it was a tiny piece of straw that did the camel in.  Isn't it interesting, too, that it wasn't a nutritious piece of hay, but a mere straw?  This week I've felt a bit like that camel.  I've been thinking, though, that just as a small, unimportant piece of straw can make me want to scream Enough already! , other little straws can completely turn my attitude around. (Mom, or anyone else who is wondering:  I'm OK.  Maybe a tiny bit stressed, but it's just the normal rock or two, with a bunch of straws thrown into the mixture.  I'll be fine--promise.)

Marriage is Ordained of God--February 2016 Visiting Teaching Message

Can you believe that it's February already?  I think the visiting teaching message-- "Marriage is Ordained of God" --is perfect for this Valentine's month.   Marriage is a covenant, a promise between husband, wife, and God. I loved the quote in the lesson by David A. Bednar: “The Lord  Jesus Christ  is the focal point in a covenant marriage relationship. … [Imagine that] the Savior is positioned at the apex of [a] triangle, with a woman at the base of one corner and a man at the base of the other corner. Now consider what happens in the relationship between the man and the woman as they individually and steadily ‘come unto Christ’ and strive to be ‘perfected in Him’ ( Moroni 10:32 ). Because of and through  the Redeemer , the man and the woman come closer together.” I decided to use part of that quote to make a handout.  It is sized for a 4x6 print.   I know that when I say my prayers and read my scriptures daily, I find that it is easier to be kind, loving,