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Ten Things of Thankful: And I Think to Myself, What a Beautiful World Edition

Photo: Low clouds roll down a green mountainside
Someone asked me yesterday if I had plans for this Memorial Day weekend. I'm hoping to squeeze in some yard work on Saturday, between storm systems. With all the grey, drizzly days we've had lately, I feel like I'm back in the Pacific Northwest. That's not a bad thing. Moisture brings green plant growth and flowers. Here it is, the end of May, and we haven't even turned on our sprinklers yet. I'm sure summer will arrive eventually, but for now, I'm enjoying this more Seattle-like season and the beauty all around me.

I'm thankful for the birds I've been seeing: 

1. Baltimore Oriole--Though shows us outside its range, the photo looks like it, so we're going with Baltimore. 

Photo: A soggy orange-breasted bird, with white-striped black wings and yellow and black tail feathers, sits on the back step.

2. Bullock's Oriole--John looked out his office window and spotted this yellow bird in the aspen trees.

Photo: A yellow-breasted, black-chinned bird perches in the aspen tree.

3. Black-chinned Hummingbird--I hung a feeder, and so far have attracted only birds, not wasps, so that's a good sign!

Photo: A tiny hummingbird, with a white band of feathers around its neck, perches on the feeder
4. American Robin--No photos, but a welcome harbinger of spring.

5. Gambel's Quail--No recent photos, but one of my favorite birds.

6. Black-billed Magpie--Very commonly seen here, with their striking black-and-white coloration and long tail feathers. 

7. Woodhouse's Scrub Jay--I suspect jays are responsible for planting sunflower seeds in my porch planters. 

Photo: A sunflower is growing amid purple pansies and light-green creeping jenny. 

8. I'm thankful for the iris plants that are blooming. They do well here, and the deer leave them alone.

Photo: Lavender iris petals droop down, as paler mauve-colored petals point skyward
9. I'm thankful for sweet notes left on my door.

Photo: A yellow post-it note that was left on my front door. In child's printing, it reads, "you're so great! never leave P.G (Pleasant Grove)"

10. Always, I'm thankful for John. The great rose planting project is almost complete. The roses are planted and covered with a net. A fence to protect them from browsing deer is the final step. I appreciate John's hard work! It's not all work around here, though--the other day, John set a household record with a resounding Five Crowns win! 

Photo: A white paper on a table with Five Crowns cards. The paper shows that John beat Kristi, 3 to 152 (low score wins).

In two weeks, the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop will celebrate its 6th anniversary, and I hope you are planning on joining us. Some of the early participants might be popping in, and whether it is your first time linking up, or your (let's see, 52 times 6, minus a week or two we might have skipped through the years) second, third, etc. time coming, we welcome you! It's going to be fun!!!

In the meantime, we are having fun already this week, so feel free to join us, and be sure to read and comment on the other bloggers' posts!

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  1. Flowers and birds, what a great combination for a thankful list. Hope you get that gardening done!

    1. John finished the rose garden Saturday! :-)

  2. Loved seeing your feathered friends!

    Wow! That has got to be a Five Crowns' record! Go John!
    I just mentioned Five Crowns the other night at the Game Night I attended. A couple of the girls were familiar with it and really like to play it. Others had not heard of it.

    Come to think of it, I don't think the deer ever ate our irises when we had them. Very nice of them.

    1. John definitely got the score to beat!

      From what I've heard (and observed) deer don't like irises, which is fortunate.

  3. I hope your storm systems pass and the sun returns soon! We went 8 consecutive weeks where it rained each Friday. Didn't need a weatherman to tell us what Friday's weather would be, lol. It was wonderful when that pattern finally broke. Hummingbirds are so fascinating. And tiny and fast! And I love that there is a sunflower among the purple pansies :)

    1. I have to believe that summer will come eventually! It rained a lot during the night last night, but this morning was clear enough for us to do some more yard work. The clouds are rolling in again now, and we're supposed to have more rain tonight. Eight consecutive rainy Fridays must have gotten old fast!

  4. Tweet post! 😌 I love birds and your pics are awesome! I've not heard of that card came. Sounds interesting.

    1. Five Crowns is a lot of fun. Kind of like Phase 10, if you are familiar with that, except you can't get stuck on a round.

  5. Still trying to comment
    Made this one will work

    ...excellent post. exhausted from multiple failed attempts to comment.

    1. I'm sorry that posting was such a hassle! Thanks for your persistence!

  6. I participated in the very first TToT as a favor to Christine, then became a host a couple of months into it. I've never counted how many TToT posts I've made. Guess I need to do that! Can't believe it's been 6 years!

    I love irises! We had them along our back fence when I was growing up, and they were always a sign that school was almost over for the year. I always say I wish I had them now, but I don't think about planting the bulbs in the fall because I hate gardening. Guess I'll continue to enjoy the ones growing in other people's yards!

    1. I think I found the TToT because of Christine, too!

      I love irises, too, which is a good thing because they are ALL OVER my yard. I don't have to plant any, but I'm pretty sure I need to divide them in the fall. Want to make a road trip for iris clumps? ;-)


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