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Six Sentence Story: Focus

Photo: (From the Library of Congress image collection) The iconic Hollywood sign

As the middle-aged couple walked toward the intersection of Hollywood and Highland, two women, dressed in mini-skirted police uniforms, yelled out to the man, "HEY, handsome, we're going to have to ah-RREST you!" The husband and wife hurried on, not even reading the famous names on the stars on the sidewalk, and managed to catch the walk signal before it started its blinking orange countdown. Slowing the pace as they reached the opposite side of Hollywood Boulevard, with Disney's El Capitan Theatre in sight, the wife remarked, "Well, that was interesting!" 

The husband, with the blank stare of confusion, asked, "What was interesting?"

"Didn't you see those women dressed as police officers who threatened to arrest you?"

"No; I was too focused on getting to our destination."


Thanks to Denise for hosting the Six Sentence Story blog hop each week. This week's prompt is "focus." 


  1. Sometimes it's good not to notice some things.

  2. Judicious reply, no?
    lol... fun Six

    1. Yes, it was, though I'm learning from the comments this post received that I failed to describe the chaotic scene that is Hollywood Blvd. The "police officers" were just two of the many people on the crowded sidewalk. It actually was possible to not notice them among the many street performers, costumed buskers, tourists, etc. (especially if you happen to be an engineer who, by nature, focuses on one thing at a time.) :-)

  3. He saw them, he's no fool. Good use of the cue.

    1. He's no fool, but I failed to describe in full the chaos of Hollywood Blvd (especially Hollywood Blvd at dusk). The crowds are big, and costumed street performers are all over. His response was honest.

  4. Makes me wonder if he really did hear the girls and just didn't want his partner to know he was looking at the short skirts.

    1. I'm realizing that is how most are interpreting the story. I failed to adequately describe Hollywood Blvd. It's as busy as a "Where's Waldo?" scene, and when you are focused on one task (getting across the street to the theater), apparently it is possible to not notice things going on around you. He spoke the truth.

  5. I believe when a person is totally focused on one goal or task, even screaming police women in mini skirts won't be a distraction lol Besides, with that much going on it's probably pretty easy to miss :D

    1. Hollywood Blvd. is definitely an experience. :-)

  6. That was excellent! What a perfect take!

  7. Great experience to share for this SSS cue! I can testify about his honesty. :-)

    1. I can't remember if we ever took you to Hollywood. It's a crazy experience!


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