Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Photos of Grandma and Me

My dear grandma fell this week and broke her arm.  Thankfully, she didn't break anything else.  My thoughts are with her as she is in the hospital (and subsequent care facility until she has healed enough to return home).  Today, I thought I'd share some photos of happier times.

Grandpa and Grandma with me

I love this candid shot of a typical scene in Grandma's kitchen at the old farm house.  I was impishly up to something, while my mom kept an eye on me and Grandma cleaned up at the sink:

If you are so inclined, I would appreciate thoughts and prayers for Grandma as she recuperates from her fall.  Thanks!
 photo visiting2_zps6d4521f3.jpg

 photo ThankfulThought4_zps7d9599c2.jpg
Thanks for Grandma. 

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  1. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your pictures are wonderful... take care

  2. May your precious grandmother have a speedy and painless recovery!

  3. Sending lots of healing thoughts and good vibes her way. Love the pictures, especially the second one. You, your mom and grandma in one picture!
    Have a great friday and weekend. xxx

  4. My thoughts are with you and your Grandma both. May she have a speedy recovery. Love the pictures!

  5. Prayers for your grandma! Love the pictures, especially the one in the kitchen!


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