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Ten Things of Thankful: Verdict's In; I'm a Year Older

I don't particularly want to blog about the details of my week, as I spent my week on jury duty.  I will say that I found the process interesting, even if it did mean I spent my birthday in deliberations. The verdict is in, though, and I am another year older.

So, how best to write this week's TToT?  I've been thinking about those people who, as luck would have it, call themselves my friends and family.  There are more than ten, so I've decided this is a "no counting" week--there are a lot, whether "a lot" refers to people or candles on the cake!

I'm thankful for childhood friends.  My elementary school was small, and, thanks to facebook, I still hear from many of my former classmates.  Though I haven't seen these friends in many years, I appreciate reading about their lives.  We share memories of Christmas performances, three-legged races, and dodge-ball games. 

Facebook also keeps me in touch with childhood friends from church.  Memories of youth activities, dances, and girls' camp make us smile.  

My high school friends never pressured me to be someone I wasn't.  What a great gift!  

College friends were there for the life-changing decisions.  (My final semester at BYU, everyone in my apartment was engaged!)  

John and I have lived various places throughout our married life, and each place we have lived, we have met good people.  Neighbors, people from church, parents of our children's friends, walking partners, fellow home-schooling parents, people with shared interests, Guide Dog volunteers--all have touched my life in some way.  

Technology makes the world shrink, and all of a sudden, proximity no longer plays a role in developing friendships.  Through blogging, I have "met" other friends.  

Though friends are chosen, with a few exceptions, family is not.  I love the family I was born into, I love the family I married into, and I love the family John and I have established together.  

I was fortunate to know my grandparents, and am fortunate to still have one grandma living.  One grandpa loved to tease me; one grandpa was my faithful penpal when I went off to college.  One grandma loved to talk; one grandma is quiet, but just as interesting.  

My parents differ from each other in some ways, too, but together make a great team.  They provided a secure home for my siblings and I; we always, always knew they loved us.  

My brother and sister--what can I say?  The miles between our homes belie the closeness we share.  We always appreciate the occasions that bring us together. 

John's parents are kind people, always thinking of others.  A few years ago, John's mom and I went on a girl's trip to Disneyland.  We had so much fun; I'm glad we had that time to spend together.  

Time spent with John's siblings usually involves board games and laughter--and, when our children were younger, lots and lots of kids running around.  

On both sides of the family, there are numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. who also deserve thanks.  

John and I have welcomed five children to our family--some by birth, some by adoption.  No matter how each one has arrived, each has brought a distinct personality and flavor to our home. Have you ever read the book, I Love You the Purplest?  That's how I feel about my kids.  I love one the greenest, one the purplest, one the yellowest, one the bluest, and one the reddest.  Love, love, love, love, love!  Oldest son has extended that love by bringing his wife into the family, and middle daughter has brought our two sweet granddaughters. 

And speaking of love, (you know where this is headed, right?)  I love John.  He's a pillar of strength to me, he makes me laugh, he understands me.  He was not offended when on my birthday I arrived home from jury duty so exhausted that I fell asleep between dinner at the restaurant and dessert at home.  Date night was limited to dinner; I was fairly certain I would not last through the play he had suggested seeing.

He woke me up so he and daughter could sing to me.  I ate cake and ice cream, then crawled into bed and slept soundly until morning.  

Today is a new day.  John and I started the morning with a run.  I look forward to many more runs, and many more days together.  

I'm thankful today for a lifetime surrounded by good friends and family. 

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  1. Although it's a bit late; Happy Birthday dear Friend! I think of you as one of my few American Friends, eventhough we never met.
    I think you did rather well on this episode of TToT and being thankful for all the wonderful people that share our lives and make it worth living is the best reason to be Thankful I think. Hope you'll have a great Birthday weekend. Sending you a hug through my thoughts. (((hug))).

    1. You are definitely my friend! One of these days, our paths will cross. :-) Thanks for the hugs and birthday wishes.

  2. despite jury duty it sounds like a great birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Nice photos!

    1. Oh, thank you. I was feeling guilty that I didn't have more time to add more photos, so I'm glad you liked the ones I did post. :-)

  3. Another wonderful post - Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. I don't think I can say anything to top that post.

    I'm glad you had such a happy birthday, and are surrounded by so much love :)

    1. Wow. Thank you, Lizzi. That's a big compliment, coming from a wordsmith like you. :-)

  5. Age does not really play into anything really in my book. It is experience that matters. I also love that book I love you the purplest. funny that it took becoming a mom for me to truly understand it though.

    1. Oh, good; I wasn't sure if anyone else knew of the book. Isn't it great?

  6. A belated happy birthday to you! I knew it was coming, but circumstances kept me from wishing you one on the actual day. Sounds like you wouldn't have read it anyway, what with your jury duty wearing you out so! :)

    I was on a jury the one time I was called. I was 18 years old. It was quite an experience. Boring and time consuming most of the time, but it was an interesting look at the real workings of a courtroom.

    Hope the weekend has given you plenty of time to catch up on your rest. After the run, of course. :)

    1. Thank you. I'm so sorry about your great-aunt. You definitely were needed there.

  7. Happy Birthday this very 'circle of people' is what (I believe) you refer to in #7.3 (if you were doing a traditional numbered Post).
    you are a credit to your people!*

    *I used to do the 'what did he just say?!?!' thing more in the beginning of the Doctrine blog, I still enjoy it, particularly when the expression is 'apt'**
    ** to other Readers, I am referring to rogers and the rogerian people, of course… of all the three, your worldview is the one that accounts for the rich variety of the peoples of the world...

  8. Happy Belated Birthday - you are absolutely right family and friends are who we are- making new friends is wonderful too :)

    1. Thank you. Both new and old friends are wonderful. I think the song says "one is silver, and the other gold."

  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful post. Friends and family are so precious.

  10. This is truly beautiful. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday even if you did try and sleep through part of it!

  11. I think you should celebrate your birthday for the entire rest of the month, since jury duty cheated you out of a normal day. I love your list of thankfuls and am so glad to have met you through technology.
    And once again, could your mother be any more attractive? She is such a lovely lady and such a sweet smile!

    1. Oh, I like your idea! :-)

      I'll pass along your compliment to my mom. She is a great person.

  12. This is a beautiful post. I also have a wonderful family, and I am thankful for many true friends, but I loved the part about the people we meet along the way. They don't have to become close friends to touch your life. I have so many fond memories of people I met only briefly; I like the idea of treasuring that.

    1. I really believe that most people really are good at heart.

  13. That is a life well lived and well loved, Kristi. A very happy birthday to you and many more!

  14. People are definitely the best thankfuls! I concur! You have such a beautiful family. It's so nice to see that you've been loved and you've had so much joy in so many relationships over the years. :)

  15. I would love to meet the family, Kristi. They are so wonderful!


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