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Thursday Thoughts: More Random Facts and Another Liebster

Recently, Betty from Losing My Gut While Gaining my Insanity nominated me for another Liebster award.  Thanks, Betty!

Here are the Rules:

1.  Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.

2.  Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.

3.  Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.

4.  Go back to their page and tell them about the award.

5.  No tag backs.

Random Facts about Me:

1. I love parsley.  When I was about 3 years old, I ate an entire bunch and promptly broke out in hives.  I live life on the edge, though, and refuse to give up parsley.  Fortunately, I only had hives that one time. 

2.  I'm pretty sure I read every book about dogs in my elementary school library.  I'm also pretty sure that I read Where the Red Fern Grows about a dozen times.

3.  Though I'm not an expert, I enjoy refinishing furniture.

4.  I have pushed a Ford Anglia (also known as the Harry Potter car) uphill on the side of the freewayTomorrow I'll post more about the Anglia.

5.   I overthink many things, including what random facts I should post.  John is trying to help, but my random facts would read like an online dating profile if I followed his suggestions:  "I have beautiful green eyes, nice legs, and thick hair." That was his description of me, not my description.  He might need glasses

6.   I tend to (figuratively) wear rose-colored glasses.  My kids tease me about always assuming the best of others.

7.  I've swallowed my pride and now don reading glasses.  I've learned reading glasses are nice when reading words, and essential when reading music.  The Sunday I forgot my glasses and played the piano in Relief Society was laughable.  It's really hard to play when you can't tell on which line (or is it a space?) the notes are. 

8.  I like to think I learn things quickly, but I don't think I'll ever figure out how in Utah "8000 Street" is read "80th Street"Every time John explains it, I think I get it, but I can't get over the thought that a decimal point is missing somewhere. 

9.  I am definitely not a night owl.  

10.  I know my cell phone has a calendar feature--I just checked to verify--but I still use an old-fashioned paper version.  

11.  Closed curtains make me feel claustrophobicOne of my first tasks every morning is to open the blinds. 

 Questions I answered:   

1.  What state or country do you live in? California
2.  Where is your favorite place to read?  As a passenger in a car, or on a plane.  I love to read, but often feel like I should be doing something else.  When I'm traveling, reading feels like a good use of time.

3.  Easier to raise?  Girls or boys?  Gut answer?  Boys! (But I love my girls, too.)

4.  What color is your kitchen? The cabinets are stained with a cherry finish and the countertops are tan-brown granite, so we went with a light beige for the walls.

5.  Where do you go for fun in the summertime? I love to go to Brigham Young University's Education Week.
6.  Do you get regular manicures?  Pedicures? I own some nail polish--does that count?

7.  Do you color your hair? Only inadvertently when I'm painting.

8.  Where is your favorite place to shop? antique or thrift stores (or garden nurseries)

9.  What is your favorite dessert? Anything that combines raspberries, hazelnuts, and chocolate.
10.  Name one thing your husband or boyfriend does that drives you crazy.  Well, practically everything John does makes me crazy for him. 

11.  How many Liebster awards have you been given?  Did you complete all of them?  This is my second Liebster, and I'm partially following the rules. 

New questions: 

Here's where I'm going to rebel a bit.  I don't want to limit myself to 11 nominees, nor can I come up with 11 questions at the moment (see random fact #9--my brain has shut down), so I'm going to invite anyone to feel free to choose one or more of the following questions to answer in a comment.  Then if you'd like, feel free to grab the Liebster and post 11 random facts, etc.

How do you like to spend your "free" time?

Can you drive a stick shift?

What is one of your favorite vacation spots?

How long have you been blogging or reading blogs?

What is your preferred genre for books or movies?

Thanks for conversation.  (And thanks for the good Samaritan I observed today, who helped a stranger push a disabled vehicle off the street.)

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  1. Won't grab the Liebster, had quite enough with thinking of random facts too.... I'm too boring I guess.
    Will answer your five questions though...
    1. I only have 'free time' since I don't have a paid job and love to quilt and read.
    2. Unlike almost all Americans, the Dutch almost all of them drive stick shift. Automatic is thought to be for the elderly or extreme non-car-people who just can't get it..... So, yes, I do. I love to drive an automatic though and I think our next car will be one. Much easier on the knees.
    3. the USA. All of it!!!
    4. I'm blogging for 5 years now and my current one is the second blog I have.
    5. Books; historical (true ánd fictional) Movies; romance and comedy, a animated one every now and than.... (Brave my current favorite!)

  2. So funny that you ask about stick shifts. I was just talking about them with the kids yesterday. They had never heard of such a thing. I can drive stick, albeit very badly. Just ask my brother. He was in the car when I got stopped on a hill and lost my everlovinmind when someone pulled up really close behind me.
    If you still like dog books, and are going to be traveling in a car or plane soon, you should read "The Art of Racing in the Rain". Awesome book told from a dog's perspective.

  3. Hi Kristi I was awarded a Liebster a couple of weeks ago from Marissa at High Heels and Daffodils and basically did the same thin I am new at blogging and just didn't think it was right giving out awards to any of the blogs I follow with a proper introduction. so I left out there to whom eve wanted to answer.
    1 right now any free time I have I crochet and hang with my kids.
    2 I don't drive a stick shift... i don't know how.
    3. I have not had a vacation in a long time I think I would love to visit the Florida Keys
    4. I have been blogging consistently since December and reading blogs for about a year.
    5. I love chick lit, classic literature, biographies, self help books and everything Steve Martin wrote.
    How is that ... :)


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