Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful for Friends and Family

Wow.  I am so overwhelmed by just how many people have gone out of their way to contact me via e-mail, facebook, phone calls, etc. when they heard about Lucy.  Even my friends who are not dog people (I try not to judge!) have offered their condolences.  When I posted about service earlier this week, I didn't anticipate being on the receiving end, but that is exactly what has happened.  Thanks to you all!

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  1. Hello, I read your email from the droolers mailing list and found your blog. I am sorry for the lost of your beloved Lucy. She was beautiful and had some very striking colors. RIP and Run Free at the Bridge with the wind blowing your ears. HoundDogMom (Sherri)

    P.S...We also have a dog blog with 3 bassets ( stop by sometime. :)


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