Monday, August 15, 2011

Education Week Day 1

The first day of Education Week, and it's been fairly typical.  I attended exactly two classes (out of 5) that I had planned on taking.  The other 3 were ones I decided today to take.  As always, I'm happy with the choices I made (though I'm sure I would have been happy with my original selections also). 

The two I took that I planned on taking were both taught by Connie Sokol. She talked about developing a life plan and using time wisely to meet your personal goals.  Right now, I'm in a conversation with my mom about her educational goals.  Dad, I know you're reading this.  Mom needs just a bit of encouragement to finish her degree.  She thinks we're plotting.  She's right.  (She always is!)

Of course, it is much easier for me to make a life plan for my mom than to come up with my own.  That's my next project!  Thanks to Education Week, though, I'm motivated. 

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