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Ten Things of Thankful: A Few of My Favorite Things Edition

As I've thought about this past week, trying to come up with a theme for this week's TToT, the soundtrack of my mind keeps playing:  "Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens.  Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. . . "


Although I love Julie Andrew's list, and even though there have been no dog bites nor bee stings recently, I want to come up with my own items:

1.  I'm thankful for the gorgeous moon.  I say this nearly every month, but I just can't help myself.

2.  I'm thankful for edible landscaping.  Not only does my pomegranate bush provide us with fruit in the fall, it also puts forth massive amounts of beautiful flowers in the spring. 

3.  I'm thankful for thoughtful children.  My youngest daughter fixed me a delicious cream-cheese, raspberry, and chocolate puff pastry concoction last Sunday.  Most of my kids live out-of-state, but Sunday morning I was surprised with the doorbell ringing.  When I opened the door, I was greeted with a lovely bouquet of flowers.  Later in the day, each of the out-of-state kids called to chat with me (and my middle daughter brought the granddaughters over to see me, too.)

4.  I'm thankful for perennial flowers.  The butterfly bush was leggy and generally sad-looking last year, so I pruned it to the ground.  This year, it's looking much better, and the flowers are blooming.


5.  I'm thankful for Drexel.  When I am sitting down, he frequently lies on (yes, on, not at) my feet, rests his head on my leg, and gazes adoringly at me.  He follows me everywhere.  Although the goal was for him to be a working guide dog, he certainly seems content as my pet, and I'm happy to have him.  

I didn't quite capture the adoring gaze, but it's clear I'm his.
 6.  I'm thankful for order.  When I walk into my clean kitchen, I smile at the empty counters.  

7.  I'm thankful for flexibility.  Sometimes, I do the blogging first and the cleaning second--and no one gives me a hard time about my priorities.  (So, my readers, I'm sure you'll understand why I can't won't snap a photo of my previously-but-not-now-clean counters.)

8.  I'm thankful for family connections.  Recently, I had a woman call me from out of the blue.  Her grandfather and my great-grandpa are brothers, which makes us second cousins, once removed. We chatted like long-lost relatives.  :-)

9.  I'm thankful for the fast-approaching end of the school year.  I have homeschooled my youngest for years, and this is her senior year.  Teaching is wonderful and rewarding, but I am ready to retire!  (Of course, moms never retire from teaching their children, but I won't have to worry about formal lessons and curriculum any more.)

10.  I'm thankful for John.  We have so much fun together, regardless of what is going on around us.  Last night we went to Hollywood to watch "Million Dollar Arm" at El Capitan Theatre.  Hollywood streets are crowded, noisy, and highly patrolled by police officers.  Street performers are everywhere.  I do not get caught up in the excitement around me; I feel claustrophobic.  However, I love going anywhere with John.  We have fun quizzing each other: 
"Did you just see Superman walk by?"
"No, but that's the third Captain Jack Sparrow we've passed this block."

Once we got to El Capitan--and the also-Disney-owned ice cream shop next door--the date got even better.

Who doesn't enjoy a warm brownie sundae for dinner?
Sorry for the blurry photo, but a live organist is SO much better than loud advertisements before a movie!
When it was time for the movie to start, the organ was lowered down into the stage, and one curtain after another, after another, after another was raised.  The movie itself was enjoyable, too.

When in Hollywood, snap a photo of the sign. 

(11.) I'm thankful for sites like which make date night more affordable.   

 photo visiting2_zps6d4521f3.jpg

 photo ThankfulThought4_zps7d9599c2.jpg
Thanks for all the favorite things!

 photo signature3_zps16be6bca.jpg

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So, what are you thankful for this week?  Write a post, link it up below, and get ready for comments! This is a very friendly blog hop!

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Oh but that moon is BEAUTIFUL. Wow! I love that.

    Your pomegranite bush, too.

    Looks like you've had a thoroughly happy week, in fact, and I'm pleased :)

  2. I love all your photos! I admit that is the moon capture that eludes me! And you have the eye! Lizzi does too. What a great week you had! Let's make the next week just as wonderful! xox jean

    1. It's hard to take clear photos of the moon; I still wish I had gotten a crisper shot. (I should probably use the tripod!)

  3. Whoa, how fun to go to the movie in Hollywood! I get why you'd feel claustrophobic, though. I think I would, too. That's a great photo of your with the sundae, and YUM!
    My daughter was thankful for the moon tonight. We share thankfuls with our supper, and that was hers. I love it.

    1. El Capitan is a great old theater, and it is fun to play tourist, but Hollywood itself is more gritty than glamorous, and I find it a bit overwhelming. However, that won't stop me from going again to the theater. Seeing a movie there is really an event!

  4. Yay, sounds like we both got our date night on this week. And that ice cream looks heavenly, too :)

  5. #5 totally knocks me out! (yeah, I know, what a surprise!) but I really like the thing that dogs do (when they are especially evolved and fond of their humans) when they rest a paw on a foot (or a hand or leg).
    very cool

    1. I am constantly amazed/amused by dogs, too.

  6. Another great list of Thankfuls. The iris and tulip bouquet is delightful - two of my favorite flowers.

  7. Reading about your beautiful family, the dog, and the garden makes me smile.
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you. I hope your week is lovely, too!

  8. Another lovely post. Always make me think about all the things that made me thankful that week. Thanks for the inspiration. (and that warm brownie sundea looks like devine!!)

  9. I love the moon. I am never able to get a good picture of it. This one is amazing so thanks for sharing it. I'm glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day. Your kids were all so thoughtful :)
    Drexel is so sweet. Our lab is the best dog I have ever had, just so loving and loyal. He is going to make an incredible pet!
    That photo of you in the ice cream shop is glow :)

    1. Labs are good dogs, and Drexel is a great addition to our family!

  10. Sounds like an amazing Mother's Day, good for you! Beautiful flowers and foliage, that is amazing. We have raspberry bushes, 3rd year, and though they don't yield much they are a wonderful miracle and so beautiful to look at. (When beetles aren't taking over!)
    We are obsessed with the moon over here, my son started it. He would look up at the moon on our walks and announce the stage of the moon with:
    "It's a Ball Moon" for the Full Moon, or
    "It's a Boat Moon" for the Half Moon, or
    "It's a Fingernail Moon" for a crescent moon.

    I told my daughter about this, now SHE does it too! Lola is especially obsessed with seeing the moon "in the day" before it gets dark out. It's a game to her and the 2 yr old. We're always looking up and snapping pictures :) Fun!

    1. Oh, I love raspberries! I wish they could grow well here in our hot, windy desert.

      Your kids' titles for the phases of the moon are just too cute!

  11. I loved all your thankfulls most of them could of have been mine with a few adjustments for time and place of course. I'm thankful for your inspiration in my blog roll Kristi.

    1. Thanks, Patrica. Feel free to join in the fun with your own TToT post! :-)

  12. What a great week!
    Such sweet kids you have.
    That Drexel...I never was much of a dog person. Pet of any kind, really. Even I would like to have a Drexel on my feet.
    My husband and one son tried to go see that movie, but it was sold out. Did you like it?
    Did you like it as much as that "dinner"? Yum.

    1. I did like the movie, but I must be more callous than some reviewers, because I did not need to pack the Kleenex. Several reviews that I read had me believing that the movie was in the same category as "Field of Dreams." While I appreciate the fact that "Million Dollar Arm" was based on a true story, I did not find myself as caught up in the emotion of it as much as I did watching "The Blind Side," for example. "Million Dollar Arm" is worth watching, but I'd say it's a solid 2-1/2 to 3 star movie, as opposed to the 3-1/2 to 4 I had been expecting.

      "Dinner" was 3-1/2 or 4 stars, though. :-)

  13. I can certainly see why you are thankful for all of those things but I admit that photo of Drexel is my favorite! Reminds me so much of Bella, who was a leaner Lab. As Drexel sleeps on your feet Bella HAD to lean against me, especially if I was in the swivel chair so that she could move me! Labs sure are sweet and devoted animals.

    1. At first when I read your comment, I though, "Drexel is lean, too--he's certainly not fat!" Then I understood what you meant. My first guide dog puppy, Reno, was also a "leaner." That's funny that Bella would spin you around in your swivel chair!

  14. Now, THAT'S the way to see a movie! I dislike Hollywood, too, though. The streets are narrow and there are no left turn arrows. The rest of your list is just lovely as well, Kristi. Wonderful attention from your kiddos for Mother's Day (no bites taken out of your puff pastry, I assume?). All your flowers are so very pretty. And Drexel. Who couldn't love Drexel?

    1. No, no bites out of my puff pastry--but I gobbled it down before I even thought, "Oh, maybe I should have taken a photo." :-)

  15. You have a pomegranate bush? That's so cool and your flowers look gorgeous! Here's to date nights, sundaes for dinner, and that gorgeous puppy on your feet. Aw. Contentment.


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