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My Blog Was Hijacked, and I Feel Loved

I never thought being hijacked would be so nice.

Today I'm writing a Ten Things of Thankful "For My Wonderful Wife" edition.  I appreciate Kristi's kind-hearted disposition (the fact that her blog is called "Thankful Me" demonstrates her thoughtful, kind, and caring nature).  I could describe many wonderful things about her, but I'll limit myself to ten.

I'm thankful that she is a great mother--she always makes sure that the kids know they are loved.

I'm thankful for her patience--she can spend hours working through the kids' problems with them and everyone comes out of it happy.

I'm thankful for the little things she does for me--if I mention something that I want (tempura shrimp, new socks, or whatever), she will remember it the next time she goes to the store, and it will magically appear. 

I'm thankful for her fantastic cooking--lately we've been eating especially healthy (lots of vegetables and not as much bread), and the meals are as tasty as always.

I'm thankful that she always makes me feel good--I don't eat chocolate, so most of the desserts she makes lack her favorite ingredient.  She has never made me feel like I'm depriving her of anything.

I'm thankful that she is musical--her peaceful piano songs frequently floats through our house.

I'm thankful for her sense of humor--she had me laughing in the movie last night.  During a downtown car chase scene she leaned over and whispered, "Now he drives for the Super Shuttle in New York." (She was referring to a death-defying shuttle ride we once had.)

I'm thankful that she does the taxes and pays the bills.

I'm thankful for her intelligence and her beauty--I'm so happy to have found both in one person.  I love going out with her on our weekly date.

I'm thankful for her adventurous side (especially when she has the adventure well-planned--which she always does)--We have been on a few big vacations (Japan to pick up our son after his Missionary Service was complete, England to visit her brother, New England to visit her sister, and Hawaii just for fun).  Before each of these vacations began, she had the itinerary planned, the hotels reserved, and the transportation arranged.  The vacations were exciting and worry free.

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Thanks, Kristi, for bringing joy to every day of my life!

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Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. I kinda had a feeling she was this kinda gal but I dont know why (ha!) ... Hey I dont know you from a hole in the wall but if youre interested in guest posting again some time....Happy Mother's Day, Kristi! I believe every word!

    1. John surprised me with his TToT list this morning. He's definitely the sweetest hijacker--and man--I know.

  2. Beautiful. That's a gorgeous hijacking :D

    1. by a gorgeous hijacker, I might add. :-)

  3. I always liked that John. :)

    The two of you are a shining example of how a marriage should work. Doing simple things like writing a TToT post as a surprise shows just how much attention and thought you put into your marriage. It is gorgeous to see.

    1. Blog hijacker or not, he's a good guy. :-)

      Thanks for your kind words. I think we view marriage very similarly, and I know that you and Bryan are great examples, too.

  4. Your title really had me worried for a moment! What a wonderful post! It is so great that your husband thinks so highly of you -- and deservedly so! Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Have no fear; nothing awful happened. Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

  5. John, you are a lucky man to have found Kristi, but I think she's equally as lucky to have found you. So much love and respect for each other!

    1. Oh, I'm super lucky! I felt a little funny having a "Kristi's so great" post published, but I also realized that by allowing it to stay up, the post would illustrate what a wonderful person John is--and he's always my main thing of thankful!

  6. Funny how one can be thankful for a hijacker! Just all depends on what's being hijacked and who's doing it and for what purposes...perspective is my word for today!

    Love this take on TToT!

  7. This was such an awesome idea. I love this! I wonder what my husband would say he is thankful for when it comes to me! This post might make me ask him :)

    1. It was such a pleasant surprise when John presented me with his TToT this morning.

  8. Oh my HEART!!!! I just adore this post!! BRAVO HUBS!!!

    You actually shared such amazing things, that I really would like to have Kristi be MY WIFE. Please Kristi?

    Lucky guy you are, John. Blessed beyond belief!

    1. I'm flattered, but I'm afraid I'll have to break your heart. John has stolen mine. :-)

  9. Aww I love this. So thoughtful! A great surprise and Mother's Day gift.

    Kate at Daily discovery

    1. I was so surprised! You're right, it was a great Mother's Day gift!

  10. Tears in my eyes because of this sweet, wonderful man of yours!! You are about the richest woman I know. A wonderful man, wonderful children and the sweetest grandbabies, a rich life. You are truely blessed Kristi.

    1. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it isn't all a dream. :-)


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