Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Time to Tackle: Wedding Cake Topper

My son asked me if I would make a topper for the wedding cake.  I envisioned some ceramic figurines, and couldn't imagine how I could possibly accommodate the request.  However, once my son sent me a photo for inspiration, I realized what he was asking wasn't so impossible. 

With wooden pegs and a bit of paint (Sharpie makes paint pens, by the way!), I was able to create a similar-enough replica.  (The glare on the groom's suitcoat is a photography issue.) 

What new projects have you tackled this week?

Thanks for the confidence children have in their parents, and for the courage that gives me. 

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  1. How Cute!!!
    When is the big event?? You told me, but I forgot.
    The rest of the preparations going well?? And, how are your and mostly their nerves???
    Hang in there!

  2. Oh Kristi, those are just adorable! Great job and I am sure he will love them.


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