Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ten Things of Thankful: Survived the Ides Edition

(Let's see, I need an intro). . . . (minutes tick by). . . . (letters appear, then disappear). . . . (still got nothin'). . . . 

Without further ado, I'm jumping right into the list this week:

I'm thankful for friends:  (1) those who stopped by just to visit, (2) online friends who reached out through email, (3) a visiting teacher who popped in with yummy St. Patrick Day cookies, (4) those we caught up with at a wedding reception last night.

I'm thankful for the beauty that is mid-March:  (5) warm temperatures (6) blooming flowers (7) green plants everywhere.

I'm thankful for (8) ceiling fans when the nights seem too warm.

I'm thankful for (9) the completion of the filing of taxes.

As always, I'm thankful for (10) John.  

How has your week gone?  Comment below, then visit the Ten Things of Thankful blog to link up, and to read what others have to say!

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. There's a short and sweet, but non the less full ten things of thankful in this post. Sometimes just diving right in is the best way to go.

  2. It's nice to maintain connections with the important people in our lives. I love this time of year too when new life appears in flowers and the birds are singing to mark their territory and attract a mate. It's beautiful to watch it all unfold.

  3. Wishing you another week filled with blessings.

  4. Well I had no idea what ides is so Amara and I looked it up together so this week I learned something! Thanks!

  5. I tend to prefer getting right to the heart of matters, so I enjoyed your concise yet all encompassing list of thankfuls! Friends are a true blessing, and friends bearing cookies are even more wonderful! :-)

    Spring is a wonderful season, my favorite, bringing spiritual renewal right along with renewal of the earth. Our one and only tree has small green leaves now, and that definitely makes me smile. It sounds like you have a lovely abundance of blooming things there!

    I definitely agree about ceiling fans, ours in the living room and bedroom make life so much more comfortable without increasing the need for more AC. I often wonder how we lived without them when we were young. I do remember sleeping on the living room floor with my sisters in front of a floor fan when it was too hot and humid upstairs in our bedrooms at night.

    Getting the taxes done and filed is always a relief, it's a stressful process. I hope you managed to come out on the plus side!

    And always, your John and my John, the best gifts we've ever been given! :-) Blessings to you in the week ahead! <3

  6. nice!
    The holy grail of the TToT that conveys not only reflection and thought, but feeling and mood.

  7. Friends are truly great blessings. Wonderful that your week was filled with them. Always lovely to see Spring. Great that you have your taxes done.

  8. I'm laughing because I also had to pass on a clever intro and just jumped into my list - although mine was much more rambling and less concise than yours.
    Taxes done is always a good feeling! Congratulations.
    Have a happy week!

  9. Hi, sorry that I have been MIA for so long! Glad to be in here, and that it has been a great, busy week for you!

  10. Spring bloom and green soon to be everywhere.

    Ah, tax season is upon us.

    Nice TToT post list here.


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