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Ten Things of Thankful: Catching Up


John and I with the Pacific Ocean behind us

I didn't get a Ten Things of Thankful post written last week, so I'll just jump right in and try to catch up today:

I took my youngest granddaughter to Disneyland days before she turned 3. (It's a popular time to take a toddler, because 2-year-olds and younger don't need a ticket.) We enjoyed meeting Mickey Mouse and riding child-friendly attractions. We got stuck on a ride I had never been stuck on before--Jungle Cruise--but we were in a shady spot on the river, and granddaughter was able to catch a nap, so I really didn't mind the delay. I'm thankful for the chance to spend time with Baby-Baby.

While we both enjoyed ourselves, I was both surprised and delighted when my granddaughter asked mid-day, "Can we go to the library?" I told her that of course we would go again to the library, but it wouldn't be that day. On the ride home, she again mentioned wanting to go to the library. When I explained the library was closed for the day and I was taking her back to her house, she was sad. In an effort to distract her, I reminded her of all the fun we had had together at Disneyland. I told her that I had a song stuck in my head, and then I started singing, "In the Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room. . . " She shouted in amazement, "You have a SONG STUCK in your HEAD?!" Then she erupted in a huge fit of giggles. "Don't worry, Grandma, I'll get it out!" She then did anything but, as she repeatedly demanded, "Sing Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room!" before again giggling about the absurdity of having a song stuck in one's head. I'm lucky she doesn't carry a scalpel, because I'm pretty sure she was thinking I literally had a tune in my noggin. I'm thankful for her love of the library, love of music, and sense of humor.

A couple of days later, wishes came true, and I took all the grandchildren to the library for an after-school program. A "bubbleologist" entertained the kids by demonstrating fancy bubble-blowing techniques. After the library, we came back to the house and enjoyed dinner and birthday cake together. I'm thankful for my grandchildren and the memories we create together.

John had a rare Saturday off, and it couldn't have come at a better time, as our 37th anniversary was this past week. He had already planned to take Monday off, but with Saturday suddenly becoming available, we quickly planned a 3-day getaway to Santa Barbara. We enjoyed time on the water with a whale watching cruise, and although we didn't see any whales, we did see a couple of pods of dolphins and of course the ubiquitous seal lions, along with various water fowl. We went to the county courthouse, which we had heard was a must-see, and which didn't disappoint. The architecture is stunning, as are the tiles and murals, but the highlight for me was going upstairs to the Bisno Schall Clock Gallery and seeing the inner workings of the clock. We just happened to be there when Dr. Bisno was visiting, and he told the assembled visitors details about the clock and the history of how the gallery came to be. I'm thankful for 37 years together, and for the chance to explore Santa Barbara last weekend.

A young woman from church was able to feed Drexel for us while we were gone. I'm thankful she loves Drexel and is dependable.

All of my children have birthdays early in the year, with youngest son's coming last. His birth story is a dramatic one, and both he and I are lucky we survived the experience. I'm thankful for the perinatologist that came in on her day off (her own daughter's birthday) to deliver my son, and for her daughter who shared her mom with us 31 years ago, and I'm thankful for the neonatologists and nurses who cared for my son until his discharge months later. 

Regardless of how much time has passed, or how many different places we have lived or visited, at the end of the day I'm thankful for the people in my life. 

I'm linking up with the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. Go check out the other entries to the party!


  1. Wow, that's quite a two weeks. Your Baby-Baby is a hoot, I'm sure she'll grow up to be a force to be reckoned with, in a good way.

    Congratulations on the anniversary and many happy returns of the day to your son!

  2. Wow, reading about your son's birth story made me feel all sorts of emotions. I'm a NICU baby myself, now 37, so I can relate in a way.

    I loved reading about your granddaughter's love of the library too. Oh and her way of making the song un-stuck (or not!) is hilarious!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love hearing about your grands.

  4. Happy Anniversary! What better interest to encourage in a child than a love of books and reading and such. (We were taken to the library on Friday evenings from easily as early as first grade.)
    have a great week


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