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Ten Things of Thankful: Acting Like a Tourist


Me smiling at the camera for a selfie with the Pacific Ocean behind me

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I've joined with other bloggers for the #AtoZChallenge this year. I decided on a whim and kind of last-minute to join. I decided on the theme, Free to See, and have been driving all over southern California visiting places with free admission. (I have allowed myself to go to places with parking fees, however.) I've been hoping to get posts written ahead of time, because I've learned that life sometimes throws curve balls, and I didn't want to stress over blogging if a curve ball comes. (I'm not anticipating any, but I think that is what makes a curve ball a curve ball, right?)

Anyway, it's been an adventurous week and I've had a lot of fun. I've hiked, visited museums, and gone to the beach. I've taken a lot of photos and written a lot of blog posts--some that published this week, and some that will publish later. 

This week, I'm thankful:

1. for weather. It's been a weird week here. We've had sunshine and warmth, and rain, hail and cold. Even some snow in nearby areas--though if we had flakes fall here, I missed them. Drought is always a worry, so precipitation is welcome. Sunshine and pleasant temperatures are so lovely. And wind and cold make me thankful for a roof overhead.

2. for friends. I called up a friend and invited her along on one of my adventures. We had the best time, and she's going to go with me on another adventure next week. We hadn't seen each other in years--since a mutual friend's funeral--so it was nice to reconnect. 

3. for grandchildren. I took my youngest granddaughter to library story time again this week. For the craft activity afterwards, the children were supposed to glue miniature marshmallows to a paper that had an outline of a bunny printed on it. My granddaughter, who isn't quite 3 yet, would pick up each marshmallow, hold it to her nose, inhale deeply, then state (with a bit of hesitation in her voice), "I don't want to eat this." Then she would dutifully glue the marshmallow onto the paper. She repeated that process over and over and over again. Her bunny was nearly completed when she tired of the activity. She told me she was done and that she would put her cup of leftover marshmallows back in the big bowl. I told her she could eat her leftovers, which she gladly did. I've thought about that a lot since then. The ability to delay gratification (and still take pleasure in what is available at the moment) is a great skill to have, and what an example my little 2-year-old granddaughter is to me!

4. for learning. I like museums because the items inside hold stories. Each item is selected to be on display for a reason. Understanding what it is that is special about the acquisitions gives me a deeper appreciation for the artist and/or the history of the times. 

5. for this world. I've seen sweeping vistas from the tops of hills and from an ocean beach, and I've felt the spray of water from a waterfall on my face. 

6. for flora. Wildflowers are in bloom, and cultivated flowers and shrubs are beginning to open their blossoms, too. The smell of lilacs near my front door is a wonderful welcome home.

7. for fauna. Lizards are practically everywhere I go, as are bunnies and squirrels. The only snakes I've seen have been the harmless, non-venomous variety, so I even enjoy seeing them. 

8. for my dad. I can't mention snakes (venomous or non-venomous) without his voice in my head telling me that rattlesnakes aren't poisonous; they are venomous. If you eat one, you will not be poisoned. Their bites, on the other hand, are venomous. Thanks, Dad.😊

9. for church. This coming weekend is another General Conference. The messages are always uplifting, inspiring, and Christ-centered, and I come away with a deeper faith. 

10. for John. Although his work schedule doesn't allow him to accompany me on all of my outings, he has helped me come up with ideas of places to go, and he has (and will) go with me as he can. Last week, we also (not for the #AtoZChallenge) went to the Los Angeles Temple. It's always good to worship together. 

What are you thankful for this week? What touristy thing should I do if I'm ever in your neighborhood? 

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  1. I do love your list. Going on these trips with a friend or your sweetheart must make them even better.

    1. I do love it when someone can join me with my adventures!

  2. I'm thankful you joined the A to Z this year! I'm having so much fun trekking with you from the snake-free safety of my home! I'm also enjoying the video clip I'm showing in my mind of your granddaughter holding up each of those marshmallows and convincing herself she didn't want to eat it. Precious!

  3. I agree with Mimi* this is an excellent TToT list. Not simply because of the content (which is interesting, the whole go on adventures and write about them them, aka blogging
    but your writing (within each) grat has a certain music to it
    "...I've seen sweeping vistas from the tops of hills and from an ocean beach, and I've felt the spray of water from a waterfall on my face."
    as example
    very nice

    *I know, knock you over with a feather


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