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Ten Things of Thankful: Another Trip Around the Sun


A mixed bouquet of pink and purple flowers sits on a round table

Last weekend, I celebrated another birthday. I think the earth moves around the sun faster and faster each year, but I can't prove it. Before another minute goes by, let me share my Ten Things of Thankful list for this week.

I'm thankful for family:

  • A birthday dinner with my daughter
  • Birthday calls/texts from family members
  • Beautiful flowers from my children
  • A Facetime call with grandchildren. (My grandson repeated three words the entire time: "I am three!" At one point, I told him I would call him Groot.😉) 
  • Drexel and his laid-back nature (The following video shows Drexel on the floor, while the robotic vacuum repeatedly runs into him and starts up his hind leg and tail. Drexel never gets up.)

  • John and his engineering skills. Yesterday, the bishopric of our ward (church congregation) drove around the neighborhood and (taking care to observe covid recommendations) passed out doughnuts to everyone. Each bishopric member was encouraged to decorate his car. Our minivan became a Minnie (and Mickey) van. 
A faded silver Kia Sedona has the words, "Happy Halloween," spelled out in vinyl letters on its hood, along with orange vinyl Mickey Mouse heads with bat wings. A huge Mickey ears cardboard cutout rests on the roof of the van. 
  • Extended family who have joined a virtual family reunion Facebook page. It's nice to reconnect, and in some cases "meet" for the first time, family members. Old photos and memories are being posted, and usually someone can answer the question of "Who is this in this photo?"
I'm thankful for friends:
  • For those who did anonymous acts of service for us: edging our lawn and weeding while we were gone on vacation, leaving us little goodies on our porch, and even bringing cupcakes for my birthday.
  • For those who texted, left Facebook greetings, and brought thoughtful gifts. 

A sweet little succulent sits on my kitchen windowsill.

I'm thankful (again!) for firefighters, as yet another fire broke out in a nearby canyon. (I also am thankful, though in this case feel sorry for, police officers. This particular fire was started, presumably accidentally, by a police officer at the police shooting range.)

Smoke from the Range Fire billows down Provo Canyon

I'm thankful for the changing colors of the sumac in my backyard.

The deep red leaves of sumac contrast with the starting-to-turn yellow quaking aspen leaves

I could go on, but will stop at ten-nish today. What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. I am glad you had a wonderful birthday!
    Your post sent me to Google to find out the connection between your grandson and Groot. (I am so out of the loop. HaHa)
    It would seem like there would be limits on shooting at the shooting range when everything is so dry. I hope they are able to put the fire out quickly, if it isn't already out.

    1. I thought about putting in a video clip of Groot, but didn't find a clip that was exactly what I wanted. Guardians of the Galaxy (and its follow-up) is a fun movie.
      The fire is 93% contained, so I imagine it will be out soon. The weather has cooled down a lot, so that should help, too.

  2. Wishing you many happy returns of the day!

  3. HB!
    That thing of having people secretly help other people is very cool, kinda like Christmas on a randomized calendar.
    Una is nearly as disinterested in the vacuum as Drexel, Ola and Bella were very much not. lol
    That time acceleration thing, no denying it. (Heard an 'explanation' of it once that I still like: although experienced subjectively, the passage of time is still in a 'context', i.e. the time that precedes it. When we're five years old, the six months from summer to Christmas amounts to ten percent of our entire life. When we're fifty years old, that become one percent. When we're a hundred....)

    1. Good explanation on time! I remember when I was in 6th grade trying in vain to explain to a first grader that something she experienced couldn't have happened "100 years ago." In her view, it had been.

  4. Drexel is one chill dude! Here's to a wonderful trip for many more 365's!

  5. I love the video of Drexel! I can only imagine what my cats would do with a robot vacuum! They would ricochet all over the house, trying to get away from it!
    Glad you had a beautiful birthday with family! I am threeeeee!
    The wildfires are so frightening. Stay safe!


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