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Ten Things of Thankful: Short and Sweet


A yellow-orange sunset behind mountains, as viewed from my front porch. Red geraniums in white planter boxes line the porch rail.

I'm thankful for:

1. Beautiful sunsets.

2. Snowfall.

3. Friends.

4. Flowers.

5.Online shopping.

6. Easy returns.

7. Organized rooms.

8. Prayer.

9. Family.

10. John.

What are your ten things this week?

Joining me this week:


The Prolific Pulse

messymimi's meanderings

A season and a time

Artistic Mystic Soul

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Backsies Is What There Is Not

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  1. Hey Kristi. What a great gratitude list! And perfect timing too. I wrote a post about becoming a thankful family yesterday. I included ten things I'm thankful for at the bottom of the post and challenged readers to join in by adding their list to the comments.

    From the looks of this site, you already know the incredible power of gratitude. I think my post is longer than what you intended, but my gratitude list is there :) And, I'm going to keep this page open, because I'd love to check back and see what others are grateful for.

    Thank you for the awesome opportunity to connect, share, and express gratitude in a public way!

    1. Welcome to the Ten Things of Thankful community! I agree with your "perfect timing" statement; your post was exactly what I needed to read this morning.

      One thing about this blog hop is that our rules are rather lax. Whether brief or lengthy, all gratitude posts are welcome. I loved how your post explained the benefits of being thankful, how you incorporate gratitude into your own family, and concluded with your own TToT list.

      Again, welcome!

  2. Isn't it a great time to simplify life?

  3. I love your simple list this week. Being able to see a beautiful sunset at the end of your day is a great way to top off your day and help settle one's mind.

  4. I'm honored to be part of #3, #8, and #9 in your life! Great list, Kristi! Short and sweet and to the point!

    1. And I'm glad you're part of them, too! :-)

  5. Brevity is the soul of wit*

    I totally identify with all (with the possible exception of #3 although, I've been known to note frozen water on my own lists as a hypograt, which, as we know, is allowed by the BoSR)
    Nice list. Resonates which is a good thing in this gratitude business.

    * your TToT this week is an irresistible set up for rolling out some Wm.

    1. Hey, I'm flattered that my simple words inspired a Shakespeare quote.
      The snow was short-lived, and this week promises temps near 70. I'm not complaining. :-)


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