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Ten Things of Thankful: Not Quite a Lamb Yet Edition

Photo: A dusting of snow in my front yard
The way the wind is blowing outside, I can't quite yet say that March is exiting like a lamb. We still have a few days yet, though (at least we did when I started writing this post), so maybe the saying will end up holding true after all. Even with the blustery weather, though, I am thankful.

1. I nearly hit a tumbleweed on the freeway this week. Of course, I'm thankful I did not, but I'm also thankful for tumbleweeds. They just make me laugh, and remind me of the desert of California where we used to live. While I have no desire to return there permanently, seeing the tumbleweed was like a friend saying "Hi!"

2. Apparently California received a lot of rain this past winter, which helped bring about the super bloom the poppy fields are now experiencing. I'm thankful that I have seen the poppies in years past; the fields are truly beautiful.

3. I'm thankful that my grandchildren (and their parents!) will be coming to visit over Easter weekend. They are excited to see Grandma's house, and I am excited to see them!

4. The apricot tree in my front yard is about to "pop!" If you aren't familiar with Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, here's a video. If you have a toddler, they will love it. (When I look for videos to share, I always try to find "official" videos. I was having a hard time with this song. It was a choice between this one and one by Roseann Barr. I chose this one because I prefer "armful" to "handful," but I also prefer "but it seemed to be" instead of "me," so this isn't exactly my favorite rendition.)

5. I'm thankful I survived another day of High Fitness. It hurts to lift my arms above my head now, but I survived. 

6. I'm thankful for my now-regular walks with my neighbor. Those mornings are, in my mind, primarily social events, with the physical exercise an added bonus. 

7. I'm also thankful for the wildlife we have observed on our walks. One day we spotted a pheasant. On our most recent walk, about 20 deer crossed the path in front of us. Of course, the entire time I was "filming" the herd, I apparently didn't push the button to start the recording. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it!

8. I'm thankful for my little brother, who celebrated a birthday this week. 

9. I'm thankful that General Conference is coming up next weekend. I always hear something that is helpful in my life. 

10. I'm thankful for John. And, I'm glad to say that we received a copy of our marriage certificate today, and the misspelling of his name is corrected. We're legit. :-)

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  1. We got a day that seemed seasonal-appropriate yesterday, i.e. warm enough not to have to wear a jack (but wore a knit hat which helped).
    Here in New England we were spared a snowy winter but the fluctuations are wild at times... 60s followed by 30s.
    Hey! I saw a tumbleweed once... my last road trip. Went to Phoenix and drove up to Winslow and on the way back, out of total nowhere, the wind came up and these tumble weeds came blasting across the roadway. Fortunately, the rental car was in the mid-to-behemoth class car and while I could feel the wind, the tumbleweeds bounced off.
    Have a good week.

    1. One thing I learned from living in CA was that tumbleweeds are not all created equally. Some are light, smooth, and disintegrate upon impact. Others are more substantial, pokey, and have the potential to scratch (human skin or a car's paint job!) I'd rather not collide with one if I can avoid it. Glad that your encounter went well!

  2. I really enjoyed your post! We lived in California and I remember those poppies and tumbleweeds and even seeing a pheasant. Glad you and your husband are "legit" and that you have a special time upcoming with your family. Not sure what High Fitness is, but it sounds a bit scary!

    1. Where in California did you live? We were in the Antelope Valley before we moved here to Utah.

      High Fitness was explained to me as "updated" aerobics. It is kind of scary! :-) Fortunately, there are lower-intensity optional moves, which I readily employ.

  3. Tumbleweeds are fun to watch, i've seen them a couple of times in my life.

    Living near that deer herd, i'm tempted to be jealous!

    1. I love watching tumbleweeds. When we lived in California, the local baseball team would have "Tumbleweed Tuesday" promotions, where if you brought in a tumbleweed, you could purchase tickets buy one, get one free. They discontinued that promotion, I think because the tumbleweeds were piling up at the stadium!

      Hold off on that jealousy until we see how hungry the deer are for the roses and raspberries I hope to plant! :-)

  4. How exciting that your grandkids will be there for Easter!
    I'm looking forward to General Conference too.
    That is a lot of deer. Have you had 20 deer come to your place? Tell Drexel to make a lot of ruckus. :-)

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing them!
      As for the deer, I haven't counted that many at our place, but they generally come through in the middle of the night when I'm already asleep. I know we have plenty of evidence that they have been there.
      I don't think Drexel is capable of making a lot of ruckus, unless you mean the thump-thump-thump he makes when he wags his tail against the wall. :-) He's let out maybe 6 barks in his entire life.

  5. I'll bet seeing ONE tumbleweed is preferable to those walls of tumbleweeds you used to get at your old house! I love the popcorn song! We would have to change it to "Bradford pear tree" around here! I really need to tell my poppy story. Maybe this is the year to do it! I love walking, and it's so much more fun with someone else. I walk in the sweet spot between school letting out and hot summer beginning, when the mornings are still pleasant (it's only about 2-3 weeks) and I listen to podcasts.

    1. Oh, yes, I don't miss the walls of tumbleweeds. :-)
      I bet your preschoolers would love the popcorn song, too--don't forget the hand motions!
      You've been teasing that poppy story for years--I DO want to hear it!

  6. Wonderful gratitude list. My sister used to sing the popcorn song to her grands.

    1. I am "unknown" LOL It's my tablet, so I got on my laptop so I could comment.


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