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Ten Things of Thankful: Mid-March Edition

Photo: In a deep blue sky, the moon rises over bare-to-snow-covered mountains 

Earlier this week, snowflakes fell from the sky. Today, sunshine is streaming down as if winter never happened. Such is March. I'm itching to get outside and plant things, but also recognize it might be a tad bit early yet. Fortunately, there are plenty of other outside chores that need my attention.  I'm going to leave my computer right now and go soak up some Vitamin D. Excuse me while I head outside.  I'll be back before you know it!

(Told you so!) Here's what I'm thankful for this week:

Things I Have Accomplished

  • I've transplanted all of my African violets into matching pots, and I love how the colors work with the other items in the room.
Photo: A purple African violet in a green ombre ceramic pot

  • I found cute Mickey and Minnie planters at an antique store. (Antique isn't quite descriptive of all the items--the planters were dated 1997!) Anyway, I bought them on impulse. My accomplishment wasn't in the purchase, though, but in the way I was able to accessorize them with colorful fake plants. I was surprised at how much I liked the end result!
Photo: On the left, a concrete-colored Minnie holds a pot of artificial greenery with a pink daisy, a yellow daisy, and a black and white flower. On the right, a concrete-colored Mickey with a pot of artificial greenery, red roses, and a black and white flower.

  • I took the car in for an oil change and to get the rear brakes checked. When I back out of my steep driveway, I think the whole neighborhood can hear the ruckus! Good news (for the wallet) is that the brakes are still fine. Sorry, neighbors. 
  • Years ago, while doing family history research, I realized that the record of my marriage could be found online. I learned then that John's full name was misspelled. I don't know why I didn't look into how to correct it then, but this past week, I found the correction form, had John sign it, and mailed it in. #nevertoolate
  • I noticed that we hadn't received airline miles for all of our segments of our trip to Italy, so I sent in documentation to the airline. 
  • I noticed the insurance company showed an adjustment for a claim indicated that I overpaid for a routine mammogram. I called, and I should be getting a refund. 
  • I asked a neighbor if she would like to be my walking buddy, and she said yes. In most places I've lived, I've had walking or running buddies, and we have become good friends as we've pounded the pavement. It takes time to develop friendships, and I'm looking forward to dedicating some time to that purpose. (Yeah, while walking is great, I'm doing it mostly for the friendship.) 
  • John and I spent our Saturday morning doing yard work. Some trees got trimmed, and a flower bed got cleaned up. I hung up some bird feeders, and we put up yard decorations. The front porch was swept and straightened. 
Things I Have Noticed
  • Birds. Chickadees, jays, robins, and various other birds I haven't identified. Quail running up the hillside. I will never get tired of watching them, and I look forward to seeing lots of baby quail in the near future. 

 The Constant on My List
  • John. We love our kids, and how crazy busy we were when they were little. That being said, we love the adults they have become and the quiet empty nest we now enjoy. It's nice to know that though children grow up and move out, our marriage remains. We've enjoyed the previous phases, and are enjoying this one, too. 
What are you thankful for this week? I'd love to hear! Be sure to check out the other TToT posts:

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  1. Congratulations on finding those financial nuggets. Good thing on finding that spelling. Mine showed me born in the wrong place. My daughter fixed it as my sister, who has crossed over, entered it. She probably was whispering in my ear.

    1. It must be fairly common to have mistakes on documents; I'm glad it was easy to sort out--even if it did take me years to correct!

  2. Great list of gratitude. Chores done. Lovely planters and plants. Family.

  3. We had a semi-spring day yesterday, today is back to mid-30s. Getting used to the 'constant of change' when it comes to temperatures. Looking towards the yard for projects, the first being to get rid of the brush piles (living in a pine wood, there is no shortage of broken limbs and fallen trees. ...ever). It will be fun when its done.
    Our pond has somehow become choked with a green algae-like growth... thinking that might be fun to tackle.
    Have a good week.

    1. We have plenty of yard projects to do, too--more than we'll get done in one year. Our goal for this year: fencing and sprinklers, so we can start planting. We're hoping the deer won't see the fence as a challenge and the plants as a buffet!

      Mary Poppins would be proud of your attitude toward the scum-filled pond!

  4. Now that's a list of blessings if i ever heard one! Hope the yard work continues to go well until planting time. While i'm not sure about where you are, we don't plant until the pecan trees bloom. You can fool every other tree, but the pecan trees know when the last frost of the season is over and won't bloom until then.

    1. I don't think pecan trees grow here, but I'm pretty sure I need to wait until night time temperatures come out of the 30's. :-)

  5. What a pretty African violet! The pot is pretty too.
    Good catch about the airline miles.
    I am glad you have a walking buddy. :-)
    What kind of bird feeders did you put up? Hummingbird feeders or feeders with seed?

    1. I put up feeders with bird seed. We had problems with wasps last summer, and John doesn't want to do anything that might attract them back. Unfortunately, that means the hummingbird feeders aren't up.

  6. Such a great list! I love your story about John’s name being misspelled, and glad you got it corrected.

    1. I sent it in, but will be relieved when I receive an updated certificate! :-)


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