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Ten Things of Thankful: Dazzling Week Edition

Summer is here!  It is my least favorite season, temperature-wise, but there certainly is something to be said for the fun that summer brings--and this summer started off with a bang!

1.  I'm thankful for an unexpected win at Disneyland.  If you haven't read about my Dazzle VIP Tour, click here.  I'm still shocked that I won!

Photo:  Youngest daughter and me with Ricardo, our tour guide

Of course, gratitude isn't dependent on huge, unexpected things. Most of the time, my thankful list is made up of thoughts about the ordinary things that surround me.  Things like:

2.  Green beans.  I'm thankful that the seeds I planted are coming up.  There is something hopeful and wonderful about seeing new growth.

3.  Other plants (either saved from the dead-and-dying clearance rack, or that were already planted in my yard) that are showing new growth after being watered regularly.  I'm thankful for their resilience.  And I'm proud of myself for remembering to water them.  (We're not quite sure why the automatic system isn't working properly; we're just glad the plants were able to get our attention before they were all actually dead.)

4.  Light bulbs.  What a difference it makes to replace a burned-out light bulb!  Even though the days are long now, it is still so nice to have indoor lighting.

5.  Clear, clean water.  I cleaned the aquarium filter this week, and though it wasn't in awful condition before, the clean, clear water is almost as nice to look at as the fish are.  

Photo:  Angel fish (and others) swim in clear tank

6.  Running.  I continue to increase distance very slowly, and my foot is handling it.  Hurrah!  My "long" run was 2 miles, and I ran at only a 12-minute-mile pace, but I did it.  Despite what Aesop said, slow and steady might not actually win the race, but I'm hoping it will allow me to finish the half-marathon in September.

7.  Stake conference (not to be confused with ward conference or general conference).  Two or three times a year, the wards (congregations) that make up the stake meet together for church. I'm looking forward to hearing the messages given.

8.  Neighbors.  I happen to have some great (not ordinary) neighbors, and I appreciate the way we can ask each other for help, share excess produce and eggs, and generally just watch out for each other.  

9.  Date night.  Last night, John and I did dinner and a movie, but not an ordinary dinner and movie night.  We went to the Hollywood Bowl for their annual Sound of Music Singalong.  (We purchased our tickets before we realized it was our stake's day in the temple--whoops.)We had a great time!  I particularly enjoyed watching and hearing 17,500 people join together to sing Edelweiss. 

10.  John.  He is not ordinary, but he is part of my everyday life. Last night during intermission at the Hollywood Bowl, I noticed he was being particularly quiet--and then I remembered we had said something simultaneously minutes before and I had said, "Jinx!" John never cheats at Jinx, even though I rarely even realize that we are playing.  He nodded when I asked him if I had jinxed him. I quickly said his name, and then told him that this incident would be reported in my TToT this week.  I am so thankful that John is serious and sensible in the important things, and playful and fun-loving, too.  

Photo:  John and me at the Hollywood Bowl

I'd love to hear what you are thankful for this first week of summer. Link up, or let me know in your comments below!

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Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Congrats on the running - I know that is something that takes persistence. Your aquarium is so pretty!

    1. Thanks. I'm hoping that by slowly increasing miles, my foot will continue to cooperate.

  2. What a good sport John is at jinx! Your Disney win was magnificent! And you KNOW I soooo wanted to go to that sing along at the Hollywood Bowl with you. Maybe next time....

    1. It happens every year, and you're always invited!

  3. A great week, Kristi. It's all in the perspective. I love to watch seedlings and plant rescues grow and flourish. Does that mean jinx?

  4. Serious and sensible plus playful and fun loving. Sounds like the best of both worlds, great qualities in any partner. Lucky you.
    Wow for winning that special Disney experience.
    Also, I love what you said about the clean, clear water being just as lovely to look at as the fish swimming in it. So true.

  5. Fun list! Good for you on the distance running. Me? I'm a walker through and through. Hehe. Did cross country in high school and that was enough. LOL.
    Date nights are so fun, aren't they?
    And your fish tank is DIVINE! Look at the gorgeous tank with those beautiful fish! Good for you!!

    1. My body is trying to protest a bit about running, but I'm trying to convince it that it will be OK. :-)

  6. That is so funny that he remained quiet after the jinx. No one around here follows the rule no matter how many times I catch them in it. :)

    I couldn't drag Bryan to a sing-a-long, and especially not a sound of music sing-a-long. I'm gonna have to go with you and Dyanne.

    The photo of the tank is gorgeous. That is some clear water!

    Nice work watering those plants! I've been good about telling a little boy to water mine. :)

    1. Oh, he never, ever cheats at jinx. :-)

      You're welcome to come along, too!

  7. Heheh I always cheat at jinx, usually because I'm so excited about a friend and I having said the same thing at the same time!

    Your Disney adventure did look really, thoroughly wonderful. I'm glad you had that experience.

    Hooray for things growing and for you managing in spite of too much summer. Feel free to send some here - we've had rain most days and even hail at the weekend. I think autumn has arrived early and summer has shrivelled to naught!

    1. I'm always willing to share summer! (I'll take some of your rain in return.) :-)

  8. I am grateful for a wonderful day at the beach with Amara and one of her friends. Perfect weather, big waves and great company! I loved the sound of two 12 years olds giggling in the back seat!


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