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Ten Things of Thankful: Grandkids, Apricots, and a Project Completed

You might think from the title that those three things might tie together, but they don't.  I did not, for example, attempt to make apricot jam with my grandchildren this week.  Maybe I would brave that years down the road, but taking a baby, a 2-year-old, and a 3-year-old to the park alone is about my current limit!
1.  I'm thankful for my grandchildren.  We had a fun time at the park.  I even learned a few things:
  • My juggling skills are rusty, or my Mrs. Incredible arms have lost some of their stretch, or maybe I'm just older than I used to be, but. . .
  • Extracting a 3-year-old from the swing is impossible to do while holding a baby.  2. Thanks, random stranger, for noticing our predicament and offering to hold the baby for me.  3.  And thanks for being a kind young mom and not stealing the baby--that would have been hard to explain to my daughter!
  • Whoever designed one-piece pants-jumpers with tiny buttons on the bodice and no snaps on the pants and thought this would be appropriate for young children has never potty-trained a child.  4.  Thanks, granddaughter, for being able to "hold it" while I single-handedly (while holding your baby brother) managed to unbutton that outfit.   5.  Thanks, other granddaughter, for staying in the restroom and not darting out the door like you wanted to do.
  • The only hope for photos is when the kids are buckled in their carseats.
  • Being repeatedly told, "This is the best day ever!" makes up for the inconveniences.

Photo:  Oldest granddaughter, wearing her one-piece, buttoned jumper.

Photo:  Youngest granddaughter, who apparently inherited her wild curly hair from me.  :-)

Photo:  Grandson, chillin' in his carseat
6.  I'm thankful for my apricot tree, which is finally having a real crop.

Photo:  My tiny tree is covered with tiny apricots
 7.  I'm thankful that the bathroom project is finished!  The wallpaper is down, the walls are painted, the new light fixture is up, and I like the new look. (We had changed out the cabinet, counter, and faucet when we first moved here.)

Photo:  Collage of before and after shots of the bathroom

8.  I'm thankful for the owls that softly whoo-whoo-whoo in my neighborhood.  Last night, I heard the telltale sounds, and went out in my backyard to investigate.  I saw an owl, in silhouette, perched on a telephone pole behind my house.  As I watched and listened, two more owls came to join the first on the pole.  I tried to capture the moment on video, but the lighting (or rather, lack thereof) made the final product nearly useless.  Though I attempted to adjust the lighting by editing the video, it is apparent that I am not a professional cinematographer.  If you'd like to try to try to make out the owls, here's the video: 

9.  I'm thankful for funny puppies.  Though I didn't get much video footage at all (I think I need more practice!), I did manage to get a couple of seconds that show one of our local guide dog puppies walking in boots for the first time.  (Two videos in one post. . . as Charles Phoenix would say,  I KNOWWW!)

10.  As ever and always, I'm thankful for John.  Life--the good and the bad--is just so much nicer when shared with your best friend.  

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So, what are you thankful for this week?  Join in the party! (I'm having issues with the linkie code right now, but you can always go over to Lizzi's blog to link up!)


  1. I can "hear" the happiness in your words. I'm glad you had "the most wonderful day ever." Sounds like lots of memories were made.

    1. The funny thing is, it just seemed like a regular (though nice) day to me. It really is the small things, isn't it?

  2. Oh my those kiddos are adorable as a goofy pup in boots even... cool!

  3. the babies are adorable - and your skills are evident - especially when they say best day ever...take a bow!

    we were just talking about owls my bil told us he sees a couple in his back and does not have problems with chipmunks or other critters. now i want my own owl for my yard/neighborhood.

    i listened to your video and i hear something like that in the early morning but i think what I hear is mourning dove - this morning outside my son's window (i'm on the computer which is the bedroom next to my son's room) I heard knocking on the tree outside his window and thought i would see the wood pecker but i did not. :(

    apricots look great enjoy the jam.

    1. I suspect they might have heard the phrase, "Best day ever!" somewhere and were just parroting it, but I choose to believe that they meant what they said. :-)

      Mourning doves do sound remarkably similar to owls. If it's dark outside, it's an owl.

      I didn't actually make any jam with those apricots, but we've enjoyed fresh eating!

  4. Look at the dimples on that little girl! Your grandchildren are adorable and one piece outfits are not!

    When I was growing up (saying that is sure sign of old-age if there was ever one) my neighbors had an apricot tree. I used to stuff myself with them when they were ripe.

    1. Apricots are so tasty! (And don't worry, I use the "when I was growing up" phrase all the time!)

  5. I love the yg's hair! Gorgeous :) Her mom probably doesn't care when it's all windblown though, I'm sure :)
    You are a courageous woman Kristi for taking children of that age, all at once, on an outing. All. By. Yourself. LOL
    I know nothing about training guide dogs. The purpose for the boots?
    And the bathroom looks great!

    1. I should have explained the boots. Because guide dogs work in all sorts of weather, puppies need to be used to wearing something to protect their paw pads. Most of the year, my puppy goes barefoot, but during the summer months, when temps routinely exceed 100 degrees, I will put boots on the puppy so the feet don't get burned on the hot pavement.

  6. That wild and carefree curly hair is amazing! What a picture! They are all too adorable!
    Oh how I remember those days trying to wrestle a baby out of a baby swing. Their chubby wubby legs getting caught in them and they would hang on to the sides for dear life. Thank goodness for that stranger helping out!

  7. I got to ask, there is a reason (other than creating funny dog videos) for putting shoes on dogs?
    Nice job with the bathroom!

    1. The boots protect the paw pads from extreme weather. Most of the year, I don't put boots on the puppy, but during the summer, the pavement can get unbearably hot, and if the puppy doesn't have boots on, its paw pads can burn. Guide dog puppies need to be used to boots, in case the client needs to put them on the dog.

  8. Your grandchildren are just ADORABLE! Love those smiling faces :) And ohmigosh THANK GOODNESS you had some unexpected help when trying to extract your granddaughter from the swing! Those things can be nightmares!

    Love that you had apricots and made jam. One of my plans this summer is to go strawberry picking with mum, and make jam.

    1. The kindness of that woman was certainly appreciated!

      To be honest, I didn't make jam with the apricots. Although I have made jam of all sorts in past years, this year I just enjoyed fresh eating.

  9. Those are such beautiful faces! And yes, hearing "best day ever" makes me happier than just about anything, especially when I find myself doubting that the day has been. Glad you had the help of a kind stranger and the cooperation of the kiddos to get you through!
    Love the bathroom.

    1. I loved the fact that such a simple outing could warrant "best day ever!" The kindness of that woman was certainly appreciated!

  10. I can't even imagine taking all 3 of them to the park! You are very brave!!!! One of the things I am grateful for is the new kitten that the Kids got. He was a rescue kitten and so darned cute that my face hurt from smiling at him. Dashie - short for Dashell.


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