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Ten Things of Thankful: Forgetful Surprise Edition

Thursday night's surprise overshadowed the events of the rest of the week, and this morning, I am kicking myself that I totally forgot to take a photo!  Before I reveal the big thankful, though, I will share some of the many other thankfuls of the week:

1.  I'm thankful for a steamer that easily removed nearly 30-year-old (I'm assuming) wallpaper from my bathroom.  All the walls were covered with wallpaper.  A wallpaper border hung at the top of the walls.  The ceiling was covered.  The light switch cover was wallpapered.  Even the plate that covered the plumbing clean-out drain was wallpapered!  For seven years I have dreaded starting the removal project. Then, with as much foresight as I usually give haircuts, I couldn't stand it any longer, and I started ripping and steaming.  In about an hour, the walls were bare!  (I think it helped that the room is a tiny half-bath, and by shutting the door and running the steamer, I essentially turned it into a sauna.) 

Photo:  A mess of wallpaper overflows out of the bathroom and spills into the hallway.

2.  I'm thankful for the feeling of satisfaction and competence that comes with being able to do certain tasks--and (3.) the sense of wisdom that comes with knowing which tasks require help.  I removed the toilet tank so I could easily paint behind it.  That is not a hard thing to do (and I even managed not to break the lid this time).  I had John go out and flip circuit breakers so we could figure out how to turn off electricity to the room, so I could remove the outdated light fixture. (Cell phones make communication between the person at the electric panel and the person inside the house so easy!) Hanging the new fixture is on the honey-do list, though.  I'm living by the "First, do no harm" rule, and hanging a new fixture isn't as simple as putting the old one back would be.  At this point, I'm more interested in having a new light than in learning a new skill. (That sounds terrible, doesn't it?) (4.) I'm thankful John has the required skill already.

5. Going along with number 3, I'm thankful for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and their commitment to the dogs (and clients, of course). Deedee's co-raiser and I, in our current individual situations, find ourselves not able to provide Deedee with what she needs to become a successful guide dog.  I won't go into detail about Deedee's behaviors, but her energy level requires more walking than I am able to give her now, for example.  I'm not sure yet where Deedee will be headed next--that decision rests with the local field representative--but I'm thankful that Guide Dogs for the Blind understands our situation and will place Deedee in a setting where she is most likely to thrive.   I have decided to step away from puppy raising for a while.  I might return to it at some point; I am really impressed with the organization, and I enjoy working with the puppies, but now is not the time.  

Photo:  Deedee posing by a bag of cat food before we donated it as part of Dyanne's #ForLoveof Ruby drive
6.  I'm thankful for Drexel, who, when Deedee is gone, assumes his rightful spot as foot-warmer, and who is ever-so-helpful with my blogging efforts. 

Photo:  Yellow-lab Drexel rests his head on the couch and gazes up at me

7.  I'm thankful for good neighbors and friends.  This isn't the surprise alluded to in the title, but this week I attended a surprise birthday party for a friend.  It's always nice to gather together and visit with friends.

On a sad note, I attended another funeral this week.  It seems that funerals are always scheduled during the time that my produce box needs to be picked up, and my neighbor is always willing to go pick up my veggies for me.  I'm thankful for her. 

8.  I'm thankful for the eternal nature of families.  Though sadness accompanies death, the services have been sweet, as reminders are given that death is not the end.  During yesterday's funeral, the grandchildren of the deceased sang, "Families Can Be Together Forever," which brought peace and hope to the event.  

9.  And now for the big surprise:  I'm thankful for our oldest son, who called on Thursday night to ask if he could stay at our house on Friday and Saturday night.  He had a med. school interview on Friday, then was free to spend time with us.  We had such a nice time together!   He and John went golfing, we went out to dinner, we played Settlers of Catan and Hanabi, and just generally had a great time.  He also assisted John in giving me a blessing so that my foot can heal.  He had to leave early this morning, but I really enjoyed having him around.  I wish I had remembered to take a photo!

10.  I'm thankful for John.  This week, I spent a couple of days under the weather, and he encouraged me to sleep as much as I could, and basically just waited on me hand and foot.  What a great guy!  (I just needed some rest; I'm feeling better now.)

How was your week?  Any surprises?

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Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Knowing when to step away from a task is, in itself, a blessing. DeeDee will be fine and will be a blessing to another trainer. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thank you. It's sometimes hard to know when to call it quits, but it is for the best.

  2. sounds like a busy week and a well thought out decision made and gave you peace - surprises a wonderful no picture required enjoy those moments. :)

    1. It is the correct decision, and even when correct decisions are difficult, they do give peace.

  3. The photo of Drexel is precious.
    So glad you were able to spend some unexpected time with your son! What a great surprise!
    Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I'm sure your husband's encouragement to rest was a big help in the recovery.

    1. Drexel just melts my heart every time he gazes at me like that.
      It was a great surprise! We had a great time together.
      John's encouragement to rest did help me not feel guilty about napping the day(s) away. :-)

  4. Love your surprise! It's fun when you get unexpected family visits. :)
    And I love your #10: My husband's name is John and there were a couple days where I just had no energy and...he took care of me, too. I'm so grateful for a wonderful husby!
    And the doggies are so cute! :D

    1. Sounds like your husband is like mine, and not just in name!

  5. Very cool to have a surprise that is nothing but good.
    Nice work with the wall paper removal project. Large scale (in effect, not simple actual size) are always so satisfying as, each time you look at the bathroom you will see the result of your effort.
    Drexel is clearly employing a Level 9 Gaze ("Entrance-Humans Adoring Gaze" Maneuver.)
    (great photo)

    1. I agree about the project being satisfying. The nice thing about something like that is that the project stays DONE, as opposed to when I "finish" the laundry, for example.

  6. Fingers crossed on the med school! Aren't surprise visits somehow just a tiny bit better than the planned ones :)
    Whenever I see your pictures of Drexel I think pillow...a big ole yellow, squeezably soft, comfy pillow :D
    And Deedee! She's not such a little puppy anymore.
    I hope you feel better Kristi. John is right. Sleep is one of the best cures for when you are under the weather.
    Have a great week!

    1. Drexel and pillow are pretty much synonymous! :-)

  7. Not a surprise, but my eldest pulled into town tonight to spend a few days with us. I so enjoy the blessing of my grown children's presence. But doesn't the time fly by?!

    1. Yes, it certainly does! Both the time they come to visit, and the years from when they were just little.

  8. So happy your son was able to spend a few days with you. I miss having my son around even though I'm deliriously happy he is happily married and living with his lovely bride. You rocked that bathroom rehab. I (and I say this with eyes darting around so I hope nobody will find out) still have flowery wallpaper border in our family room. We removed the kitchen and bathroom paper which was all the rage when we built the house, but the border in the family room remains. We ignore it and I decorate around it. Taking it down would not be so difficult, but or us repainting would be a task, for sure. Have a good week, Kristi. I like surprises.

    1. There's no shame in having wallpaper, flowery or otherwise. I'm sure your family room is filled with love! Painting is a big task. I usually paint the easy large parts, and leave the tedious detail work to John--though this time I did all of it, as the room is tiny and John's busy with work.

  9. Wallpaper is evil stuff, or at least it is when it comes time to remove it. When I first moved into my house the eating area had layers and layers of really old wallpaper - it was so old there was no vinyl coating and some of it was painted over. Thankfully the fact that there was more than one thickness of drywall used and the lack of insulation meant that room was gutted. I don't think I would have ever got it all off otherwise.

    1. We once lived in a home that was built in 1920, and it had layers and layers of wallpaper, too. It was quite the look through the years to remove it!

  10. Love that you got a visit with your son! Sounds awesome. And sorry about the funeral.
    I have to tell you that your regular "John" thankful has helped me to remember to notice and appreciate the things about my Husband that I'm thankful for - and to TELL him. It's too easy to forget that and it makes all the difference. So thank you. :)

    1. Oh, your comment just made my day! Expressing appreciation for spouses does make a difference in a family, and I'm glad my thankful has helped you! :-)

  11. I am always thankful for your photo captions.
    Lucky to have someone there to wait on you hand and foot when feeling under the weather, for sure. Glad you are feeling better now though. I'm sure having that made all the difference.

    1. I'm so glad you taught me the importance of those captions!

  12. I do love Drexel's nose! So glad you got some unexpected time with your son, too!

    1. It's hard to resist Drexel the Adorable.


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