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Ten Things of Thankful: It's Gonna Rain

Figuratively and literally, rain comes to us all eventually.  This week, I've experienced moisture from the sky.  Also this week, losses have come to friends and acquaintances.  I'm happy for puddles, and saddened at tears, but thankful:

1.  I'm thankful that Deedee is progressing.  This past week, she had zero accidents, and (consequently) I am now sleeping through the night!  She's old enough to be out working now, and she is doing a great job!  Here she is at a New Year's Eve party at church:

Photo:  Deedee sleeps through the activities at a New Year's Eve party
2.  I'm thankful for the staff and volunteers associated with Guide Dogs for the Blind.  This week, two of the puppy truck drivers, Lee Shenk and Anne Touloukian, were walking back to the truck after dinner in Grants Pass, Oregon, when they were struck by a car. Anne has been released from the hospital, but unfortunately, Lee died.  My heart goes out to his wife and family.  Anne delivered Deedee to me, and Lee drove the truck when I picked up/dropped off either Reno or Drexel (or both, my memory is a bit fuzzy.)  The GDB community is saddened.  

3.  I'm thankful for sunsets.  They always appear better in person than in the photos I take, but it is nice that each day ends with a final burst of color.

Photo:  A sunset of a pink, cloudy sky above barren hills
4.  I'm thankful for walks.  We took a walk as a family on Monday night, and it was great to get out, enjoy the fresh air, and get some exercise. 

Photo:  John and youngest daughter walk ahead on a dirt path in the hills
5.  I'm thankful for my new fish tank.  This is one of those If You Give a Mouse a Cookie kind of things.  It all started when we realized that one of the fish in our youngest daughter's tank was going to need a bigger tank soon.   So I found a 55-gallon tank, then a big enough filter (I think I've had above-ground pools with smaller filters!), then hoods, lights, rocks, etc. etc. etc.  About a week before the tank was ready for fish, our daughter announced that she thought her fish was dying.  Murphy's Law, right? Fortunately, the fish is doing fine and seems to be enjoying his new digs.  And I am enjoying watching the fish.  When I hear them eating, I feel like I'm snorkeling in Hawaii.  

Photo:  Assorted tropical fish swim in a tank
6. I'm thankful for rain and snow.  This parched area definitely can use precipitation, and it was lovely to awaken to this view from my front yard earlier this week:

Photo:  A dusting of snow covers the hills near my house
7.  I'm thankful for Drexel.  Though he is still my goofy puppy, he's matured and mellowed.  He patiently puts up with Deedee's attention, whether she is cleaning his ears or chewing on his face.  

Photo:  Drexel patiently looks at the camera, while Deedee grabs his face
8.  I'm thankful for friends.  Throughout my life, there have been occasions where I have been issued invitations, even though the person giving the invitation knew that I would need to decline (for various reasons).  The reason the invitation was given: "I wanted you to feel included, even though I knew you couldn't come." What a sweet thought!  That happened again this week.  (Happy birthday, Sarah, even though I won't be there to celebrate in person.)  

9.  I'm thankful for the comfort that can come in times of grief.  I found out today that a woman in our stake recently passed away, as well as the father of one of my college roommates.  Though those closest to the deceased are of course, grieving, I'm impressed with the level of peace and calm that also attends at times like these.  

10.  As always, I'm thankful for John.  Among the wonderful things he has done this week, he has fixed the treadmill!!!!   We thought it was a lost cause, and that the console was shot, but he was able to fix it by re-grounding it.  Though I enjoy running outside with John, I really prefer outdoor running only within a temperature range that isn't maintained year-round in this area.  In other words, I'm a wimp.  If it's too cold (sometimes), too hot (much of the time), or too windy (practically all of the time), I would prefer to run indoors on the treadmill, distracted by a recorded TV show. Sweet, sweet John spent his Saturday tearing into the treadmill once again, and this time it appears that it is really fixed!  We're talking about attempting a half-marathon later this year--I'll keep you posted!

So, have you seen the rainbows through the storms this week? Join us in sharing thankfuls!

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  1. You're so right about sunsets in photos vs. sunsets in real life. That exact thing happened here tonight so we just enjoyed it in person together and looked at the strange and beautiful clouds.
    Love the photo of the two dogs. So sweet.
    And speaking of treadmills, I'd better get to bed because I need to hit mine tomorrow morning (we'll see...).

    1. I have the advantage of the Pacific time zone, but even at that, it's getting close to my bedtime, too! I don't know how you night owls can stay up so late! :-)

  2. Rainbows through the storms? That's a beautiful thought.

    Glad for John and his fixing capabilities, and what fun to have a bigger fishtank. So sorry to hear about the puppy truck driver though. That's awful! I hope the community finds good ways to honour him.

    Huzzah for Drexel being so chilled out though.

    1. I almost feel like I plagiarized from you with the rainbows through the storms line. :-)

      The GDB community has been doing quite a bit to help Lee's family, including starting a memorial fund.

  3. I will be praying for Lee's family and friends as well as for the driver who hit him.
    Winter has finally descended on Indiana. There won't be any outdoor walks in my immediate or semi-distant future. I shall have to live vicariously through you, so take plenty of photos! :)
    Nice work on the treadmill, John! I'm thoroughly impressed.

    1. Yes, I imagine the driver who hit him needs prayers as well. I read in an article that the man behind the wheel is in his late 80s. I imagine he is having a very hard time.

  4. I love love love your photos this week.
    I used to love to watch fish swimming around in a fish tank, but I can hardly make them out anymore. It is said to be a very soothing thing though.

    1. Thank you. I do find watching the fish soothing.

  5. Aside from the terrible news about the poor guy Lee being run over, I enjoyed your thankfuls. In particular your lovely photos.

  6. What a sunset that is. I do agree that they are much more beautiful in person -- all the more reason to keep seeking out life's adventures and its wonders at every opportunity we can right? Even when life isn't so good, there's always little gems.
    That dog is a saint. My dog doesn't do well with pups. He's 12 though and a grump LOL.
    I'm really sorry to hear of the loss of your friends. I'll keep them in my thoughts.

    1. Drexel is very patient, but he's only 3. :-)

  7. Yay for your fixed treadmill and for sunsets and for finding peace within grief. My bio mom relocated to Grants Pass OR from Kodiak AK. I wonder if she knew them? I love the puppies. So so much.

    1. The puppy truck drivers aren't from Grants Pass, so your bio mom probably doesn't know them. They drive from the San Francisco Bay area to wherever they need to drop off puppies.

  8. So many wonderful thankfuls, Kristi. So nice of your friends, offering invitations, even when you can't make it, so you'll feel included. It does feel good to included! There's a spa nearby and on the rare occasion I get a gift card, I love to watch the fish swim in a large aquarium while I'm waiting for a massage, listening to New Age music. Very relaxing and I'm glad said fish likes his new digs. Have a good week, and enjoy every moment.

    1. Maybe I should set up a massage table in the room with the aquarium! :-)

  9. I know I am a week late but I'm glad I finally made it. I love the puppy pictures! I thought of you this AM when I watched the 5 AM news and they mentioned the Star Wars Marathon at Disneyland. Figured you were probably there. It is sure a nice day for it.

    1. I was there on Friday for the 5K, and Saturday for the 10K, but was back home by Saturday afternoon. If Disney would hold a half-marathon on a day other than Sunday, I might be tempted to try one. :-)


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