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Six Sentence Story: Can

I love the Six Sentence Stories prompts, and the challenge of telling a story in six sentences.  Often (though not always) I like to base my stories on true events.  Such is the case this week, when the prompt is "can." 

The sun shone bright, but the temperature was comfortably warm, and a gentle breeze rustled the leaves of the trees in the orchard. The mother carried the buckets, and the three young children traipsed behind her.  As she observed the trees, with the weight of the yellow, blushed pink cherries causing the branches to nearly touch the ground, she thought, "Oh, good, the children will be able to actually help."  She selected a tree, and after a brief lesson on correct picking procedures, the four of them started filling the buckets.  In no time at all, they were hauling the full buckets back to the weigh station, so they could pay for the fruit and go home. When the mother realized that they had picked 100 pounds of cherries, she wished that the children could be as big of a help with the canning process!

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Thanks for childhood memories that I remember only as fun!

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  1. Oh man! Canning 100#s! I love to can but maybe not that much!

    1. We ate a LOT of canned cherries that year!

  2. Oh man! Canning 100#s! I love to can but maybe not that much!

  3. nice! (I enjoyed the story, of course, but I'm constantly on the lookout for 'writing technique demonstrations'... very visual post)!

  4. Sounds like a beautiful day. I would love having all those cherries in my pantry...

    1. I love to see bottles of fruit sitting on pantry shelves!

  5. Wait...yellow/pink cherries? WOW!

    1. Google "Rainier cherries." They are beautiful and delicious!

  6. Now I want cherries -- preferably baked inside a cherry pie. Maybe some ice cream on the side. Can you tell I am trying to quit desserts! Candy, too! It is not easy! great story!

    1. The first few sugar-free days are the hardest--says someone who has learned that lesson more than once!

  7. You were lucky the children didn't give up quickly. How important it is for children take part in activities like this and be aware the work involved in growing and harvesting the food we eat. Great post.

    1. To be honest, I was one of the children in this story. The cherries were so abundant; the picking went very quickly. Our parents did a great job teaching us about where food comes from--Mom froze and canned produce and made jams, the family had a garden every year, goats provided milk, and Dad hunted elk, pheasant, and chukar.


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