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Ten Things of Thankful: Summer is Waning Edition

Temperatures are still in the 90s, but autumn is on its way, and that makes me happy. With no more of an introduction, here are things that made me smile this week:

1.  I filled up the car and was delighted that the gas was so inexpensive!  Paying under $3.00 a gallon is so rare, but to be a whole quarter (I'm disregarding that "9") under is really amazing! I'm thankful for a light-on-my-wallet fill-up.

Photo:  Gas pump displaying $2.75 price
2.  El NiƱo is the talk of the town, as we received rain again this week.  It was The Rainiest Day of the Year in Los Angeles, according to the newscasters.  My Facebook feed was filled with this video:

I'm thankful for the rain.

3.  Monday night, we sat down and watched another episode of Studio C.  Finding good, clean, smart, funny comedy isn't always easy, but Studio C delivers each week--even when Wonder Woman uses more strength than intended:

I'm thankful for laughter.

4.  BYU football!  John and I are headed to the Rose Bowl this afternoon to see if the Cougars will end yet another game with a Hail Mary pass. 

I'm thankful for dates with John, and cheering on our alma mater. 

5.  My lost-then-found diamond has returned to its proper place.  

Photo:  My wedding ring on my finger
I'm thankful to have my ring back.

6.  Two weeks ago, my face had a mid-life crisis:  it decided to relive teenage years with a vengeance.  I'm happy to report that I think I can now venture out in public again without eliciting any questions about my appearance.  AND, I'll be able to get my driver's license renewed on time--I've been waiting until I looked more my age!  

I'm thankful that it's easier to deal with teenage problems as an adult--but I'm thankful for a reprieve, too!

7.  I took my granddaughters to The Happiest Place on Earth yesterday.  You wouldn't necessarily know it from the photos, but we had a great time!

Photo:  One granddaughter cries, while another looks away
We even got to meet Mickey Mouse!

Photo:  One granddaughter chews on her hand, while another looks down while meeting Mickey Mouse.

And Minnie Mouse.

Photo:  One granddaughter looks away and another nervously twirls her hair while meeting Minnie Mouse.
We even went on really fun rides!

Photo:  Granddaughters look around nervously while on the Alice in Wonderland ride
I'm thankful to be able to share my love of Disneyland with my granddaughters.  
8.  After months of being called GrandPA, I am now GrandMA! I'm thankful my granddaughter has that figured out now. 

9.  My sister coming to visit later this year--and we've already got plans to visit Disneyland.  Hopefully we'll be able to have as least as much fun as I had with my granddaughters!  

I'm thankful for my sister.  

10.  And, as always, I'll end this list by saying I'm thankful for John.  No matter what last minute change of plans I throw at him, he's game.  I appreciate his support in my church calling, guide dog puppy raising, and mom and grandma roles.  He's just an all-round great guy!  

What things are you thankful for this week?  Write 'em down, link 'em up, and join in the fun!  (We're having some issues with the code this weekend.  Click the blue frog button below to see the posts and to link yours up!)

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  1. I found it absolutely hilarious to see that picture of your two pouty looking grand-daughters at the "happiest place on earth". I love it because it's just the way real life works.

    1. It cracks me up, too--particularly because we really did have a great time. We had lunch right after that first photo was taken, and sitting in the shade and re-hydrating helped the mood a lot!

  2. I know Disneyland is your happy place, much like the beach is mine. Good news about your ring, it's lovely. Those granddaughters are adorable. Gas in NJ is $1.85 and that is fine with me.

  3. Isn't Disney more for grown ups anyhow??? lol...I LOVE it. have expensive gas where you live...we're down to around 2.10 here.

    1. It's either for grown-ups or kids who just never grew up! :-)
      California loves to tax gasoline, so our prices our higher than most other states.

    2. Not to brag or anything, but in the Netherlands y'all would have a heart attack about the gas prizes..... We pay around 9 dollars a gallon..... Our Dodge Ram runs on LPG (don't know if you even have that in the US??) and is the most cheap way to run a car but still about 3 dollars a gallon.. Cars on LPG pay double the road tax though, which, in our case, comes around 700 dollars every 3 months....
      Can I get a whoopwhoop for Europe?!!!!

    3. I had to look up what LPG is--propane! We fire up our BBQs with propane, but not our vehicles. I think I will whoopwhoop my California gas prices--I knew gas was expensive in Europe, but I had no idea you paid road tax on top of those high prices! I hope your roads are smooth and wonderful to drive on!

  4. It must be such a strange job, those who put on the Mickey and Minnie uniforms and interact all day long with strangers....wait a minute! I'm a blogger in the blogosphere.. so I guess it's not so hard to imagine.!


    1. Hopefully you don't make children cry, though.

  5. guys are really getting hit with gas prices!

  6. I panicked when I heard there were issues with the linking for this week. I'm still having trouble locating it, but that's okay, because my post isn't completed yet. :-)
    I have only been to Disney World, but hope to visit the original one of these days. I did happen to see a documentary, on PBS this week, about Walt and his idea and opening of the first Disney park.
    It's funny the ways it is said. My nephews are still working out how to say my mother's name. One calls her Ganny and I guess that is a variation of Granny and the other says Dama. Haha
    I loved going to Disney World with my family, but, being visually impaired, those silent Disney characters always made me nervous. They didn't speak like the Mickey and others on TV. It was a little disconcerting for me.

    1. To link up, click the little blue rectangle under the words "Join the Ten Things of Thankful Facebook Group," and another page will open, where you can enter your url. I hope that helps! We co-hosts are a little lost without Lizzi, who always fixes our tech. issues.

      I could see how the Disney characters would be disconcerting with their silence.

  7. Glad your ring is back where it belongs. :-) That is funny about you being called GrandPA first.
    I think your body is just thinking you are much younger because of all your fun adventures at Disneyland.

    1. I still have to remind her sometimes that I'm GrandMA, but at least now she'll correct herself. :-)

  8. You must be so relieved to have your ring back Kristi. I would be frantic! Beautiful ring btw :)
    Thanks for posting the vids Kristi. When it Rains in LA was hysterical. I liked the second one too!
    They don't call it the Magic Kindgom for nothing. How special to be able to take your grandaughters to Disneyland. In spite of the pictures, I've no doubt they had a terrific time.
    Congrats on getting rain!

    1. Thank you. Both of those videos cracked me up! Studio C has their own youtube channel, and there are plenty of hysterical sketches--they have one about a weather forecast that I also considered posting. Yes, the girls had fun, even though you can't tell it from the photos. They talked all day about seeing Mickey and Minnie!

  9. Yay, Kristi, for the diamond, for your skin (mine's still terrible), for a great day in a happy place. Have a good week!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Hope you have a good week, too!

  10. Know all about the "youthfull look" your face went through... Have it quite regularly. My face doesn't acknowledges the 40's my body is in I guess....
    Had an up and down week, but like you, my rock in any kind of week is my hubby. My ten of thankfulls would be very boring if I would join every week. Henk would be half of them each week.... Hooray for Husbands!!

    1. No, not boring at all! I hope you do join in sometime!

  11. Disneyland really is a magical place but those characters can be a bit frightening when you're little! I am thankful for that rain and sure wish we would have gotten more.


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