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Six Sentence Story: Tape

Joining up again with Ivy's Six Sentence Stories.  This week's prompt:  Tape.

The interrogation room made the ones depicted in the movies seem warm and inviting.  No good cop, bad cop routine here--just the cold, penetrating stares of the police officers as they conducted the perfunctory interview.  The unlikely suspect, wearied from the struggle to maintain her outward persona, broke down and sobbed.  She confessed to the murder of each husband.  The tape would be played for the jury.  Miss "Die" had finally been caught. 

(This is my first venture into answering the Six Sentence Story prompt with fiction.  My apologies to Dyanne, who is gifted in this genre.  I enjoy her contributions each week, and hope she continues to creep us out with her murderous stories.)

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Thanks for friends who are unlike their fictional characters.

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  1. Nice job.

    Writing fiction would be a stretch for me; although, some events in my life sound like pure fiction.

  2. KRISTI!!!!!!! Dyanne is an influence! Although I cant say a bad one! THis was a great venture into fiction! Nice job! Great use of the cue! I find fiction so difficult to write!

    1. Well, Dyanne did the hard work. I almost felt like I was plagiarizing. :-)

  3. I like this fictional venture and I would love to go back and hear the stories of each of her husbands and why and how she did it. A novel, perhaps?

  4. Wow! I wasn't expecting this, but you did a great job. Meanwhile, I've been struggling to even come up with a post. Maybe I need to try fiction too, but I think it might be a little late.

    1. It's never too late, Mom! There is always another link.

  5. Reading your story, I can visualize the scene in my mind vividly.

  6. Good one! I could actually see her breaking down in a room full of expressionless stern men.

  7. Now you have started in fiction let's hope you get hooked. It really is only a pretend game with you an observer and letting your imagination run riot...and then you are not a liar but an entertainer. Well done.

    1. We'll see. I might have to exercise my imagination more.

  8. nice story! (yeah she is sort of a natural for the part! …lol)
    (btw: it's an established Doctrine fact that rogers are the natural storytellers….)

    1. Well, I'm not sure it feels natural, but thanks.

  9. I thought this was very good! Different from what you usually do but I really liked it!

    1. Thanks. I couldn't have written it without Dyanne's excellent 6 Sentence Stories!

  10. A multiple-murdering wife... great basis for a tale! Now that's a tape I'd like to hear! Is it wrong to say that it crossed my mind with a couple of my previous spouses? :-))

    1. As long as you dismissed the idea as quickly as it came! I really don't want to hear any real-life confessions! :-)


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