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Ten Things of Thankful: Land of the Free

Here it is, Independence Day weekend, and I am thankful for many things.  Last weekend I posted Ten Things of Significance for my Ten Things of Thankful.  This weekend, I'll attempt to catch you up on some of my activities of the past two weeks, and the things I've been particularly thankful for--all that come with freedom.

1.  I'm thankful for libraries, and specifically now for toddler storytimes.  My granddaughters moved closer to me in June, and we now have a standing date each week at the local library.  The librarian does an excellent job of keeping the kids engaged, as she reads them books, tells them flannel-board stories, and leads them in song, dance, and fingerplays.  The girls enjoy themselves, and I love being able to share the tradition of library storytime with them. 

2.  I'm thankful for the peace found in the temple and its grounds and visitor's center.  I always come away from a visit there with optimism, hope, and a calm spirit. 

3.  I'm thankful for a friend who was just as excited as I was about a Sound of Music Sing-Along.  We dressed up, packed schnitzel with noodles and jam and bread, and sang our little hearts out with 17,000+ other people at the Hollywood Bowl.  

Everyone got their cell phones out during the singing of Edelweiss. My friend took this video clip of the experience:

4.  I'm thankful for stake conference.  Twice a year, multiple church congregations in our local area gather together for services.  I always find stake conference inspiring, and I come away with ideas on ways to serve better.  

5.  I'm thankful that, if summer is going to have triple-digit temperatures (as it always does here), humidity is generally very low.  Dry heat is much easier to tolerate than humidity.

6.  I'm thankful for solar panels, which make air conditioning affordable on those days when it actually is too humid for the swamp coolers to function effectively.

7.  I'm thankful this week for blogging friends.  I participated in a video chat last Saturday with several regular participants of the TToT.  It was nice to see and hear those whose words I read.  

8.  I'm also thankful that a post that I wrote about my views on families was courteously received, both by those who hold similar views, and by those who do not.  I appreciate the chance to voice my opinion, and for civil discussion.  Thank you.

9.  I'm thankful to live in the United States, and for the Constitution that guarantees freedoms.  My ancestors have been here basically since the founding of the country, and many of them fought for the freedoms we now enjoy. (I have one great-great-great-grandpa who was born in Scotland in the early 1800s, but otherwise, I have to go back another century before I find another line in Europe.) I'm thankful for their bravery and commitment to ideals they held dear.

10.  I'm thankful for John.  Uncharacteristically for me, I've been sleeping in a bit lately. (At what age did 7:00 a.m. become sleeping in, anyway?)  John is so quiet when he gets up for work, and sneaks out of our room, allowing me to get some additional shut-eye. Then, when I do wake up, after I read scriptures, I've been reading some other books just for fun.  John doesn't begrudge my relaxed mornings, and I appreciate that--and I appreciate the work he does that allows me the luxury of being home.  

What are you thankful for this week?  Any plans for celebrating the 4th?  Staying cool?  

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  1. Thanks for your post!! I too am thankful for a husband that doesn't mind my sleeping in although my sleep in time is a little later than 7!!! 😊😜 And I am thankful for good friends, too!! Plus much much more! Just wish I could join you for library story time with the grandkids!!!

  2. Thanks for your post!! I too am thankful for a husband that doesn't mind my sleeping in although my sleep in time is a little later than 7!!! 😊😜 And I am thankful for good friends, too!! Plus much much more! Just wish I could join you for library story time with the grandkids!!!

  3. Its great that your grandaughters are closer... I used to love the library days. I still do I guess! How much fun is the Sound of Music event!? I love that! That was the first movie I ever saw in a theatre. I have fond memories of it. I really enjoyed this post... so many good things.

    1. Libraries are magical places!
      The sing-along was sold out, and now I know why: anyone who has ever attended makes it a tradition! (Of course, now I'm thinking Fiddler on the Roof. . . )

  4. When people sing, their hearts grow. I love to sing, I was singing along with Edelweiss, loving the Sound of Music songs. Unfortunately, my voice is low and flat, but it still makes me happy. I know what you mean about 7 am is "sleeping in". For me, too.

    1. I'm more comfortable in the alto range, so don't think I was able to hit all of Julie Andrew's high notes!

  5. I hear you on the sleeping in part! I seem to have lost the ability to go back to sleep once I see my boys off in the morning. I'm still exceptionally skilled at napping though!

  6. The Sound of Music Sing Along would have been so fun to attend! Do they do that other places too? I can't sing Edelweiss without crying though.

    1. I think other places do hold sing-alongs. You could google it and see if there is one in your area. This is the 50th anniversary year for Sound of Music. No one would be able to tell if you cried--it's dark. :-)

  7. I LOVE your number one! Little ones and books are so much fun and they can't start too young to love books! I am thankful that I got to take Amara to swim class on Friday!

    1. I agree; it's never too early to introduce a love of reading. Swimming sounds nice in this weather!

  8. Library story time is a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of books. I'm thankful that many libraries still host the activity.

    You do the most amazing and fun things! I love the Sound of Music sing along.

    1. The sing along was so much fun! I hope to participate again next year.

  9. Aack! Blogger ate my comment!
    Let's see...I know I said it was a beautiful post all around. Such goodness here.
    I would go to the Sound of Music sing-along. I would eat schnitzel. I would sing my little heart out and then cry my little eyes out at Edelweiss. I played Marta in a local community theater production years ago. Many years ago... Grand fun!

    1. Well, if you're in the area next year, come join us! How fun that you got to be in a Sound of Music production!

  10. I don't ever remember story time at the library when I was kid. I don't think it existed. How wonderful for you to share in storytime with your granddaughters! Reading is so special and can be magical for children.
    Humidity makes all the difference in being able to tolerate the heat. You're lucky that humidity is not a regular occucrance there. But triple digit heat, humidity or not, isn't exactly pleasant lol
    Where are your pigtails Kristi?! You look great. I will never forget going to the theaters to see the Sound of Music. One of my favorite movies:)
    You make me laugh - yes, there comes a time (age) when 7 IS sleeping in lol

    1. I'll have to remember my pigtails next year. :-)
      I've been an early riser for years, and I think that 7 has been sleeping in for a while.:-)

  11. so that's what schnitzel and noodles look like! Not bad… I could live without the peas… but as long as there was a bunch of onion in it!
    the vidchat last week, was fun and, I agree, there's something about the seeing a person that adds to the experience, especially in light of the fact that what we write about is often so personal (not necessarily personal personal, but personal as in 'what I am as a person')… or something like that!
    envy you those 3 digit temperatures!

    1. My friend looked it up; I didn't know, either. And to be honest, those are schnitzel in the same way veggie burgers are hamburgers. But it was all good--including the peas!

      I will gladly trade the heat for some rain!

  12. Okay, I totally would have gone to the Sound of Music sing along with you! And I would have dressed in costume, too! I LOVE the Hollywood Bowl! There's nothing else quite like it. And the Edelweiss video is sweet!

  13. I love libraries, I go usually once a week. I miss story time so much, my girls loved it!
    Nice that you were inspired, we all hope for that!

    1. I loved story time with my children, and now I get to take my granddaughters. I guess what I'm saying is, don't worry, you can always catch story time with the next generation! :-)


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