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Ten Things of Thankful: A Happy Houseful

We started this week with 4 people in the house, we ended with 9. Between Father's Day tomorrow, and oldest daughter's best friend's wedding this afternoon, our home has become the gathering spot, and I'm loving it!
I don't have long to get this composed and posted before the wedding, so this will be quick. 

1.  I'm thankful to have almost all of my kids here.  I love the fact that they enjoy spending time together.

2.  I'm thankful (and honored) that the bride-to-be and both her bridesmaids (including my daughter) chose to stay here last night. (The bride's parents' homes were filled with visiting relatives.) I'm happy that my daughter has such good friends.  I'm also happy that the girls are easy-going.  I realized as I was making beds yesterday, that I don't have many twin-sized bedspreads left, and most of those I do have don't exactly scream out "wedding!"

The bridesmaids slept in the dinosaur beds. 
3.  I'm thankful for those who face challenges head-on.  Last week, youngest daughter had the chance to attend a fireside where Travis Eberhard spoke.  He talked a bit about his experience in making 17 Miracles and then took questions from the audience. Someone asked him if he ever considered motivational speaking, and he replied that he just wouldn't really know what to say.  He said that people will come up to him in the grocery store and tell him how inspirational he is, and his thought is, "Well, thanks, but I'm just buying hot dogs."  He said that someone always has it worse off.  

4.  I'm thankful for beauty found in the garden, even when produce is past its prime.

5.  I'm thankful for family-friendly entertainment.  We enjoy going to the minor-league ball games, and like seeing some of the players make it successfully into the big leagues. 

6.  I'm thankful that Drexel gets along so well with everyone. Oldest daughter brought Leela the one-eyed, hairless cat with her, and Drexel couldn't be happier.

7.  I'm thankful that oldest daughter and I got a chance to spend a day together at Disneyland, just the two of us (and the thousands of other people who also were there.)  We Disneybounded as Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore.  Both Pooh and Eeyore were so excited to see us!

8.  I mentioned this last week, but I am thankful for both Lizzi's no sugar for 30 days challenge, and Clark's 2-mile run challenge.  I've not been great at either this week--my daughter convinced me that the 30 days don't have to be consecutive!--but realize that both make a difference in how I feel.  I especially realized this after indulging in 2 desserts at Disneyland.  I've returned to sugar-free living, and feel much better now.  I'll return to regular runs on Monday, too.

9.  I'm thankful for good friends and technology that allows communication over wide distances.  I've got future blog posts brewing in my brain, and conversations I've had this week remind me that I really need to put my thoughts out there.  

10.  I'm thankful for John.  I know why married couples refer to their other half.  He is such a part of me.  

And now, if you'll excuse me, we have a wedding to attend.  

Link up your thankfuls!  (My mom joined in this week--you can, too!)

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  1. OH I SOOO LOVE LEELA!If only I lived in a warmer climate! I wouldnt worry too much about the beds screaming out wedding as much as they scream out "You can sleep here!" Eyore is my favorite!

    1. Leela is great--and she lives in Utah, which is a pretty cold climate. What would Doug think, though?
      The girls did get a chuckle out of the beds, so that's something. :-)
      Eeyore has always been a favorite of mine, too.

    2. Ive made a decision to not get another pet while Doug is still around. He did really well with zeb and zoe but they were both here before him. Now that they are both gone he is finally the alpha and runs all other dogs and such out of the house. It may be dominance but its probably dementia. He is very old and I dont want to stress him... Its good to know she lives in a cold climate though... Does she have a sweater... Im not on twitter...

    3. That makes sense. Yes, Leela has a complete wardrobe, and loves to be covered up on colder days.

  2. I think I need to start carrying my small camera with me at all times. Adding photos makes your blog so enjoyable. Leela almost doesn't even look real in the photo. If I didn't know she was, I would have thought she was a rubber toy. LOL

    1. When I got a smartphone, I chose one with a good camera, so I would always be prepared to take photos.
      Leela does kind of look unreal. :-)

  3. I hope the wedding was wonderful and that the newlyweds have the type of relationship that you and John have.

    1. It was, and I think the newlyweds are off to a great start!

  4. What a wonderful weekend! I am glad you have had this time together. Hope the bride and groom will enjoy years of happiness. I love the three twin beds lined up, the bridal one flanked by the dino ones! Too funny!

  5. I wish I could bring myself to say that the one-eyed hairless cat is cute but I just can't. Thankfully dogs are a lot less concerned about appearances!

    I do think the bedspreads are cute - even as I'm wondering how you managed to keep the colors so bright? Every comforter we've ever owned winds up looking faded and worn in short order.

    Is that an artichoke in flower? I'm from Canada, so I've never seen one growing.

    1. Fortunately, she has a great personality.
      I have no idea why the colors are vibrant. Perhaps they used lead-based color? ;-)
      That is an artichoke in bloom. We ate and shared lots of artichokes this year, but just couldn't keep up.

  6. This list makes me feel very happy. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you. I hope you have a great weekend, too!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful week, with lots of joy and laughs to go around! Eyore is my favorite too! Love his gloomy look on life, kind of like mine actually. ;-)
    Wish I could say I love the look of Leela, but I can't. Hairless cats creep me out. Cuddling with a naked cat is just not the same as a big furry blob like my Dirk. Hope you had a wonderful day at the wedding and the Bride and Groom will have just as much joy together as you and John have! (and yes, my hubby really IS my other half too, couldn't live without him...) Have a great sunday. xxx

    1. Leela loves to cuddle! Even though she isn't furry, she is warm and affectionate. Her personality makes up for her not-so-attractive looks.
      The wedding went very well. There was plenty of shade, and a good breeze, too, so the 105 degree temps didn't feel that bad. :-)

  8. …oddly enough, I can identify with your Minor League baseball item (I have never enjoyed baseball, as a spectator or, in early years, participant, however… a couple of years ago I came across a college baseball game on (one of) the college radio stations I listen to and became a total fan! There's something about the play-by-play (which is done by student announcers) that just makes it fun to listen to
    have a good (and busy weekend)
    'see' you Monday at 2 Mile-ville!

    1. Minor league games are just so entertaining! Everyone is out there just doing his best, and it's the effort that is rewarded along with the successes. From the must-be-tone-deaf announcer trying to lead the crowd in a cheer, to the kids that get to run across the field between the 7th and 8th innings (as "Who Let the Dogs Out?" plays), to the home run bucket that gets passed around to "tip" the lucky batter, to the strange polka that has somehow become the rally song, there's just always something that makes me smile.

  9. I really have to give up sugar! Love the picture of Drexel. Hope you have a great week.

    1. I'm finding ice cream super tempting in this heat, but a cold slice of watermelon also sounds good--and I'm not cutting out sugars naturally occurring in fruit!

  10. Is there "anyone" Drexel can't get along with? :)
    How wonderful to have the joy of day/night before wedding at your house - the anticipation, the excitement. Very special indeed:)
    Where are all the fans?! What are those stands empty?!!!

    1. In short, no. Drexel gets along with everyone, regardless of age, gender, or species.
      The stands that you see in the photo are near the visiting dugout. There were fans in the stands--particularly behind home plate--though it was far from packed. We went to a mid-week game. Weekend games are much better attended.

    2. I believe it. Labs, I think are the most easy going, people oriented dogs.
      I've never been a huge fan of baseball but we really got into it the year the Red Sox won the world series. Don't know why, but I really enjoyed watching those games. No doubt weekends are better attended but if I were going, I think I'd do the mid-week game. Kind a like going to a movie when there's a really small crowd - it feels more "homey" and personal:)

  11. Is it bad that the picture of Drexel and Leela makes me laugh until tears run down my face? Oh, the looks on their faces! I'll have to send you a copy of the picture Ivy made for me of Leela (with embellishments).
    I love the dinosaur dorm. I'll bet there were lots of giggles and talking late into the night for those girls!
    They've been talking about a 10 day sugar purge on The Today Show, so I decided to give it a try. 24 hours. That was all I could do....

    1. I don't know. Is it bad that I was shaking a bag of cat treats to get their attention?
      Ivy sent me that photo, too! Pretty funny!
      My first go at it, I lasted 24 hours, too. The next stretch was weeks long.

  12. I love having a full house! I hope all the festivities were a wonderfully good time!

  13. Love your costumes. And hope the wedding was beautiful!


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