Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Reno, the Amazing LAPrador Retriever

Despite his expression, he sat on my lap willingly and uninvited.

And as quickly as he came, he went--nearly toppling me over in the process.
Thanks for Reno, who if he had arms, would hug everyone. 

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  1. Looks painful! LOL but doggie hugs are wonderful. :o)

  2. Silly Reno... he thinks he's a puppy still, I'm sure of it. My sister had a big boy like that who thought he was still little... an Old English Sheepdog. When he climbed on my lap, you could only see my legs, the rest was covered in dog. Love those kind of silly dogs....

  3. I've had a relative with two big pit bulls and when they walked over my lap it really hurt. She did finally get rid of them when one attacked the other over a bone. Reno looks like a real lovey dovey dog.


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