Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Smiles

After having lunch today with our "flown-the-coop" daughter, we pulled out the camera.  All eyes open, happy smiles...I love this photo!

Tonight, John and I attended adult session of stake conference, where we heard much about strengthening families.  We were reminded that the Lord knows the solutions to our problems, and that as we seek His guidance, He can help us. 

Thankful thought of the day:  Thanks for families, thanks for divine guidance, and (at John's request, as we are currently watching a recorded football game) thanks for BYU football!


  1. A beautiful photo of two beautiful young women with beautiful real smiles! I love this too.

  2. Cutie pies! I miss Jazzmine, and Laina has really been starting to blossom into a GORGEOUS woman! I love her eyes!


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