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Ten Things of Thankful: Wading through the Week


A young boy from shoulders down, dressed in shorts and blue sweatshirt, wading in a creek

It's been an interesting week, one which was fairly quiet for me personally, but one which was more eventful for some family members. Some events were planned for, and I anticipated being needed to help, but it turned out I really wasn't. Other events were unscheduled, but again, my presence wasn't required. So I've had more free time than I thought I would. As I've been wading through this week, I've been thinking about how the advice airlines give to "put your own oxygen mask on first," and how that can relate to everyday life. I think when I'm on a plane, it's easy to think, "Of course I would need to put on my own mask first," but in non-aviation-related reality, it somehow seems selfish to put my own needs first. I've been realizing this week that taking care of myself first is selfless, because it allows me to be in a better position to help others. How much wiser it is to do those daily little things that keep my reserves full than to neglect myself until I'm almost on empty!

How does this relate to my week? When I received news of a family member's challenge (and knowing that I could always book a flight if needed), I chose not to turn to Google for answers. Instead, I laced up my running shoes and completed another Couch-to-5K run. Instead of turning to comfort food, I chose to eat healthy meals. I thought today of the story of Martha and Mary, as recorded in Luke 10. Over the years, I've learned different things from that account, but the idea that struck me today was that perhaps Jesus was teaching Martha that Mary was, in effect, putting on her own oxygen mask first--and that was good. "Martha was cumbered about much serving" yet He who was the greatest example of service (and therefore the biggest proponent of service) told her that "Mary hath chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her." Taking care of our needs--spiritual or physical--allows us to be in a better position to help others. 

1. I'm thankful that family members are OK. 

2. I'm thankful for library programs. Whenever I go over to my grandchildren's house, youngest granddaughter will ask, "Are we going to the library?" 

3. I'm thankful for parks. After the library program, and after dinner, John and I took the grandchildren to the park. They hadn't been to this particular one before, and were a little disappointed to learn it didn't have a playground. Once we got there, however, and they learned there was a stream to wade in, it all of a sudden became a favorite! I'm glad they enjoyed it as much as I thought they would. 

4. I'm thankful for my body. Although imperfect, it is also miraculous. Small habits, over time, make a difference. One hundred days of consistent effort has resulted in a just-shy-of-20 pound weight loss. 

5. I'm thankful for the pleasant weather we are having here. I see that snow is in the forecast for the Utah mountains. I'm enjoying springlike weather here in California. When the temperatures reach the triple digits, I will be to the "grit my teeth and endure it" phase of this time in California, but for now, things are pleasant.

6. I'm thankful for group texts. I know not everyone is a fan, but I appreciate family group texts as well as a group made up of long-time friends. It's a nice way for us to all stay connected with each other's lives. 

7. I'm thankful for the birds. The hummingbirds flit around the feeders outside my kitchen window, and an unidentified bird chirps constantly behind the house. The ravens fly from treetop to treetop, wind swooshing beneath their wings. Occasionally, hawks circle high overhead. I'm glad to feel connected to nature here.

8. I told my mom that I've decided that May isn't just the month that contains Mother's Day, but it is Mother's Month. I'm thankful for a devoted, patient, loving mom. 

9. I'm thankful, too, for John's mom, who is also devoted, patient, and loving.

10. I'm thankful for John.

What have you noticed to be thankful for as you waded through this week? Link up with other bloggers at the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop!


  1. I'm thankful for lessons from scripture coming out of the blue. Thank you!

  2. A perfect example (your TT0T) how this format, this writing (and reading) provides perspective that we might not otherwise encounter. It's not that we all don't have the capacity to see the world and, from that, develop what might be of values to others, it's just that when we can identify* with another, that part of ourselfs become more accessible.
    (Can't wait for three digit weather, if we get any!)

    *identification in this context is not to compare facts and contexts of another, rather it is to sense and feel the emotional content they experience.


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