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Ten Things of Thankful: From A to Zebra

a Scrabble tile of the letter A, with a 1 to the lower right, indicating point value

I'm switching things up today and opting for an alphabetical order for my Ten Things of Thankful list, so without further ado:

A: My dad had knee surgery this week, so I flew up to Oregon to see if I could help. (Not with the actual surgery, of course. I think I mainly provide comic relief, though I pitch in with chores and trips to Lowes as required.)  No matter what the occasion for gathering is, one constant is that the Scrabble board will come out. When I drew an A from the bag, I knew I would go first. Though that was nice, I'm thankful for the simple family tradition of Scrabble.

B: My brother arrived on Thursday night. Although his military and civilian work schedules demand a lot of his time, he was able to carve out a few days to come. We make a pretty good window-washing team. (I promise my brother did more than just take photos of me working!)  I'm thankful for my brother and his help.

Photo: taken through the window, showing me using a long pole to wash the window

C. In addition to window-washing, my brother and I made a couple of trips to the home improvement store to pick up supplies for a couple of projects, one of which was to raise the couch so my dad can get up and down easier. I'm thankful for my brother and his help.

My mom tries out the raised couch. Her feet don't touch the floor.

D. My dad's surgeon makes his rounds dressed to the nines in suit and tie. His confident outward appearance matches his skill with a scalpel. My dad's surgery went well and he is recovering quickly. I'm thankful for a successful surgery, and skilled doctors. 

J. Yes, I'm jumping ahead, but I promise I'll get to Z. I'm thankful for John, who is holding down the fort and working a lot while I am gone.

N. My dad had many nurses during his hospital stay, but one in particular had an exceptionally great bedside manner. I'm thankful for nursing staff. 

P. My parents are different in many ways but they have enjoyed over 60 years of marriage. I'm thankful for each of them individually, and also collectively. 

S. My sister will be coming later this week. I'm looking forward to spending some time with her. I'm thankful for my sister. 

W. I can always count on seeing what my dad refers to as "the lawnmowers." I'm thankful for wildlife, specifically deer in this case.

Deer graze in my parents yard

Z. When my brother asked, "Do you want to see a zebra?" of course I answered, "Yes!" Sure enough, a zebra lives on a nearby road. I'm thankful for pleasant surprises.

A zebra munches on grass in a field

Well, there you have it: my Ten Things of Thankful list, from A to Zebra! What are you thankful for this week? Be sure to check out what other bloggers are saying on the Ten Things of Thankful blog!


  1. Hey! Great idea for a (format) for a TTot! May have to try (some variation) of that... good that the surgery was successful, uneventful is totally a good thing with most medical treatments, or for that matter, any interaction with the medical field.
    have a great week!

    1. Thank you! When I realized I had both Scrabble and a zebra on my list, the format just came to mind. And yes, uneventful is the way to go! Have a great week, too!

  2. That's quite the list.

    I'm very glad your father came through and is recovering and I'll be praying for him.

  3. So pleased to hear your dad's surgery went well! Your mom looks like an adorable 5 year old on the raised couch. (I sure miss her blog posts!) We always play Bananagrams at family gatherings with my husband's sister's family, but by the end, it's just me and my SIL, because we are BLOOD THIRSTY at that game! Like your dad's lawnmowers. There's a small herd that has started showing up around the lake house and leaving lots of fertilizer in their wake....


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