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Ten Things of Thankful: I Love This Time of Year!


A yellow pear hangs from our green-leafed tree 

I love this time of year. The weather is mostly sunny, with some rain sprinkled in here and there; the temperatures are comfortable; crops are ready for harvesting; and flowers are still blooming. (Thankful #1-4)

Our Belmac apple tree is loaded with fruit

Glass Gem corn (planted for decor, but also good for popping) displays many different colors of kernels

September also means football season, and although I don't really follow football in general, I do enjoy going to the occasional BYU football game. (Thankful #5)

The view from LaVell Edwards Stadium shows a large US flag and a Y on the mountain

Fans are starting to fill LaVell Edwards Stadium prior to kickoff

As we often do, we had our children who live close up for dinner and board games one night this past week. It's always fun to spend time together. (Thankful #6)

Speaking of fun spending time together, I was able to get together with a friend for lunch one day this week, and after that lunch, John and I visited his parents.  (Thankful #7)

And though I don't always put this on my lists, I'm always thankful for my neighbor, friend, and walking buddy. We walk several times each week, schedules and weather permitting. (Thankful #8)

Drexel joins us on our walks, and that is possible because he is a good dog. (Thankful #9)

John enjoys this time of year, too. He planted around 2 dozen pepper plants of many different varieties earlier this year and has made chili rellenos, stuffed peppers, jalapeno pepper poppers, vegetable tempura, and has utilized peppers in other dishes. He's also dried and ground a bunch of peppers. (Thankful #10)

A fortune from a fortune cookie I opened recently: "Behind an able man. There are always." I would contend that "Behind an able woman. There are always." And I'm thankful for that (and humor)!

What are you thankful for this week? Drop a comment, and check out the other Ten Things of Thankful entries!


  1. You are quite the gardener! We talked about apples this week at school, and now I can add that my friend Kristi has an apple tree in her yard! I'm afraid if I went to a BYU game, I'd spend the whole time looking at the scenery and never see the game! (They stomped the Razorbacks last night, so they obviously aren't as distractible as I am by their surroundings when they're practicing at their field!) Shout out to Drexel - he's a good boy!

    1. John planted that little apple tree a couple of years ago, and it's really performing well this year! Fortunately, I happen to like the flavor. I hadn't actually tasted a Belmac apple before; I picked it based on the description in the catalog.

      I must admit, even though I see the mountains all the time, they have distracted me from a play or two at the football games! John and I listened to the BYU/Arkansas game last night. Go Cougars!

      Drexel has helped more than one person tame their fear of dogs--or at least of Drexel! He really is a good boy.

  2. Your mention of the big Y on the mountainside brought back memories of my roadtrips to SLC back in the day.


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