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Ten Thing of Thankful: Happy Fall!


A walking path under cloudy skies, with mountains to the left and a red barn on the right

It is officially fall now, and I love this time of year! 

1. I'm thankful for General Conference, which is this weekend. The messages are always uplifting and inspiring and I come away from conference feeling encouraged. The sessions are broadcast live on, as well as recorded for future viewing, so if you are interested, check it out! 

2. I'm thankful to be able to attend some BYU football games in person. It's a fun date, and John and I are even considering sharing a cougar tail tonight. Imagine a maple bar the size of a cougar's tail, and you get the idea. 

3. I'm thankful that I'm sticking with the 5K training. Not only does it helps burn off cougar tail indulgences, but it feels good to be getting back into running jogging (even if my legs sometimes think otherwise!) 

4. I'm thankful for the beautiful changing leaves. Last weekend, John and I jogged/walked down Provo Canyon, then drove up Provo Peak and back down around the mountain. It was gorgeous! 

The orange leaves on the understory trees contrast nicely with the white bark of the quaking aspen

A mountainside covered with trees with orange and green leaves

5. I'm thankful for friends. John and I had lunch with friends this week, and it was nice to visit with them.

6. I'm thankful for books. I finished reading The Devil in the White City this week, which was a fascinating look into the 1890s and the World Fair in Chicago. It reminded me of Destiny of the Republic in its style of intertwining storylines set in the late 1800s. 

7. I'm thankful for the temple. There is such a feeling of peace there.

8. I'm thankful for flowers in bloom. I picked more flowers from my yard this week to bring inside. 

9. I'm thankful for garden produce. Never judge someone's grocery purchases, because you never know what they already have at home. I love not having to buy many fruits and vegetables at the store; I can just go outside and pick much of what I need. I'm also thankful for accurate catalog descriptions; I can breathe a sigh of relief that Belmac apples are as described in the fruit tree catalog. The tree is super productive, and the fruit is tasty! Definitively recommend!

10. I'm thankful for John. 

John and I smile, with a background of colorful trees

Are the leaves changing color where you are? What are you thankful for today? Join us at the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop!


  1. Always enjoy your talents with the camera and such. They totally enhance your TToTs. ( Also, your captioning of each photo, simple, direct and visually-conducive.
    Alas, though the leaves have not yet begun to turn, it's increasingly difficult to deny the changing of the seasons.
    Three months or so 'til the beginning of summer.

    1. I know you aren't the biggest fan of non-summer seasons. I'm somewhat surprised the leaves aren't changing there yet, although I guess it makes sense from an altitude perspective. The leaves in my yard (around 5000 ft elevation) aren't changing color yet, but they are up in the mountains.

  2. You lists are always a delight. Enjoy those turning leaves, and the cougar tail!


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