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Ten Things of Thankful: Steering in the Right Direction


BYU's Lavell Edwards football stadium prior to the game, with the Wasatch Mountains behind

More than one person asked me today, "What are you doing with all your time now?" Ah, the question of all mid-life crises! Still puttering through life, hoping I'm steering in the right direction. While some people have one passion that commands all their time and energy, others swap depth for breadth, and enjoy a little of this and a little of that. I'm more of the latter (although when I'm doing family history research I might be confused for the former.) This past week has definitely been of the little of this and a little of that variety.

Monday, John and I went and got our bivalent covid boosters. I'm thankful for vaccines (1) and for living in a country where vaccines are readily available (2). I'm not limiting my thanks to only covid vaccines, but others as well. 

(Often, it takes me longer than I think it should to compose a post, and this is one of those times. Playing in my mind are the arguments of those who would never give thanks for covid shots. The topic can be a hot-button one, to be sure, and as I am as confident in my decision as they are in theirs, I hope that my readers know that the opinions expressed in this blog post are my own, but agreement with me is not a prerequisite to friendship. That goes for other areas of conversation, too. 😊)

Tuesday, we had dinner with our son and his girlfriend, and we played Settlers of Catan together. I'm thankful (3) for family and the times that just seem routine, but really make up the important part of life. Eating together, playing games together, working together, just spending time together doing nothing really, those are the things that build relationships and develop a person. 

Wednesday, a daughter called with good news, which shall remain purposely vague, but I'm definitely thankful (4). 

Also Wednesday, we dropped the car off to the shop due to a power steering issue. As Clark says, this is a "hypo-grat." Although I'm not so happy about the cost of the repair, I am thankful that (5) the shop diagnosed the problem, and that (6) they were able to replace the rack and pinion and power steering pump. (I throw those terms around as if I understand them, or even remember their names correctly, for that matter!) Anyway, I am thankful (7) for a working vehicle that can safely drive in snow, and is large enough to carry all the grandchildren.

Speaking of grandchildren, we had a video call with them on Wednesday. It is always good to see their smiling faces and hear their sweet voices. I'm thankful (8) for them, and for the technology that allows us to bridge the distance that is between our homes. 

Skipping ahead, on Saturday John and I attended the BYU football game. We sat on the coveted west side of the stadium, which offers more shade than the east side. Of course, as the temperature was 37 degrees at the start of the game, and was 32 degrees at the end of the game, the stadium-side advantage didn't really matter. While BYU did end up winning the game, that outcome wasn't so clear during the first half of the game.  I'm thankful (9) that, just like in football games and vehicles, change is possible in life. 

I know that my decision to go through life with John is the best one I've made. I'm thankful (10) for him and for our family. I'm steering in the right direction--even on weeks where my main accomplishments besides cleaning the bathrooms were things like getting a covid booster. 😊

What are you thankful for this week? Comment below and join the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop!


  1. I liked your comment on Grat (2). This bloghop, from the very beginning has been a community of people who manage the (sometimes) tricky balance of being interesting and not being too-something.
    And, imo, it is not a matter of the participants not having strong opinions and beliefs, rather it is a manifestation of their good-intent.
    (Necessarily vague, that means, kinda, the willingness to allow for other perspectives and seek to identify with rather than compare to.)
    having said that... how can anyone enjoy and outdoor activity when the temperature is below.... eighty?! (lol)
    have a good week.

  2. Agree with your comment, but had to laugh at that second thought! Even the cheerleaders were in jackets and long pants. I should have worn double socks, but otherwise went prepared with coat, hat, gloves, wool blanket, etc. And fortunately (?) we've attended a game years ago that was so much worse weather-wise that we were able to keep repeating, "At least it's not like that one game where the stadium rows were solid sheets of ice!" :-)

  3. Lots of great thankful things, and i agree that friendship doesn't require agreement on all topics and issues.

  4. So many good things! Glad to hear.


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