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Ten Things of Thankful: Photos from the Week (and Some Music, Too!)


The sun shines on a golden mountainside, while ominous dark clouds threaten above

For the first time in forever (sorry the song is now stuck in your mind!), my phone and computer are cooperating, so I am going to use lots of photos in my post. I'm thankful (1) that photo transfer isn't a problem today.

Look at that photo above! The play of light on the mountain in contrast to the very dark clouds is beautiful. Another example of contrast is seen in the photo below, but this time it is the white of the snowy Mt. Timpanogos and the wispy white clouds against the blue of the sky.  I'm thankful (2) for the beauty of the earth

Snow-covered Mt Timpanogos 

Though I spent a lot of time indoors this week (because baby it's cold outside), I did go on a hike with John. First we hiked up a mountain (not Mt. Timpanogos), and then we hiked down to the river. We didn't pray there (and it really is a creek, not a river), but I loved hearing the rushing water and seeing the icicles dangling from fallen logs. I'm thankful (3) for water. We've been in a drought, but at this point at least, our snowpack is above expected for this time of the year. 

Icicles hang from a fallen log that crosses a creek

Being inside my house this week, I've had time (and inclination) to tackle the cupboard above the refrigerator. No before photo on this, but the after is below. I'm thankful (4) to have the art/craft/office supplies organized. Now when the grandchildren come to visit, it will be easy to access the Play-Doh.

An organized cupboard, with bins of arts and crafts supplies clearly labeled

I also got motivated to bring the Thanksgiving decorations up from the basement. There is something rejuvenating about changing things up every now and then. I'm thankful (5) for my house and being able to decorate for holidays. 

"Thankful" is proclaimed on a banner across the china cabinet, on a pillow on the couch, and on a sign on the wall

While I was in the process of organizing and decorating, I realized that there were things that I had held on to and I needed to just let it go--the postal scale with rates effective March 2, 1974, for example. I'm thankful (6) for the local Buy Nothing Facebook group. I had almost instantaneous response to every item I posted--even a bag of broken crayons found a new home. If you haven't joined your local Buy Nothing group, I would certainly encourage you to. It's an easy way to find things you need and get rid of things you don't. 

This little postal scale from 1974 found a new home

Also in the process of organizing, I discovered several disposable cameras from probably 20 years ago that had not had their photos developed. I'm thankful (7) that there are still places that develop film, and I'm very curious to see what pictures those cameras hold. Stay tuned!

Some of you might remember when my adorable yellow lab, Drexel, first came to my home. Well, believe it or not,  Drexel turned 10 years old this past week! I'm thankful (8) for Drexel and his sweet personality. 

Yellow lab Drexel relaxes on the carpet and looks at the camera on his 10th birthday

I had the opportunity to talk on the phone with a newly-discovered 3rd cousin this week. I'm thankful (9) we are family

And, speaking of family, I'm thankful (10) for the rest of my family, too, and especially John. 

What are you thankful for this week? I'd love to hear! Be sure to go to the Ten Things of Thankful blog, hosted by Dyanne and her co-hosts, and read what others are saying, too. 


  1. I like your list and pictures, and pray you have a blessed and beautiful week!

  2. Excellent photation. HB to Drexel, for sure. (Rather photogenic doggy.) Hey, thanks for the tip on the Buy Nothing organization. Hate to throw things out when there might be a way for an item (like a dining room table) to be useful to someone.
    Have an good week.

    1. I'm sure someone on the Buy Nothing page will love to receive a dining room table!
      Hope you have a good week, too!


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